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Forestle was an ecologically inspired search engine created by Christian Kroll, Wittenberg, Germany, in 2008. Forestle is a website for finding all kinds of information on the internet; Forestle helps to save the rain forest and aims to reduce CO2 emissions. It also offers special features, for example a preview of the websites found during a search.

Increasing contributions to sustainability[edit]

Forestle saves 0.1 square meters (about 0.12 square yards) of rain forest per search event. It guarantees to donate 90% of its advertisement revenue to the Adopt an Acre program of is partner organization The Nature Conservancy. The Nature Conservancy uses these donations by Forestle to sustain rain forests. As of December 9, 2009, about 2,910,000 square meters of rain forest have been saved.[1] As of November 20, 2010 about 9,250,000 square meters have been saved.

A Forestle search is also essentially CO2-neutral, as offsets the carbon-dioxide emissions caused by electricity consumed by all Forestle servers, the network infrastructure as well as the computers of each user by purchasing an equivalent amount of renewable energy certificates.[2] The certificates are purchased from a part of the 10% of revenue left after conserving rain forest. This makes Forestle one of the few web search sites that are green certified. Forestle thus offers a simple alternative form of searching the web in an eco-friendly way.

The number of search requests on continues to increase significantly:[1] Within two months, it increased more than sixfold from about 4,000 per day on average in December 2008 to more than 24,000 per day in February 2009. The report about Forestle in a major German newspaper[3] end of February 2009 transiently boosted the number of search events on within a week (3 March 2009) close to its all-time maximum.[4] As of December 2009, the number of search events exceeds 200,000 per day.

The degree of impact of and similar kinds of 'green' search engines is discussed; the (now removed) note on Forestle to not click on advertisements to 'help' achieving larger advertisement revenues was particularly criticized.[5]


The site pioneers a thumbnail website preview for all search results. Moreover, it offers a search with so-called indicators, for instance, one may directly search for 'Basic Income' on Wikipedia (instead of the entire WWW) by typing 'Wikipedia::Basic Income'.[6] The language chosen for indicator search is automatically associated, so a search on the US web site or on the British web site leads to a search on English Wikipedia and a search on the German web site (or on the Austrian Website leads a search on German Wikipedia Forestle also provides several browser plugins, can be added to iGoogle and is available in English and German (full versions) as well as in Spanish and Dutch (details partially in English) .

Utopia Award[edit]

On November 27, 2009, Forestle received the Utopia Award[7] as an exemplary organisation enabling us to live more sustainably. The Jury emphasizes that Forestle "offers a simple and strong possibility to contribute to protect existing rain forest through the use of an everyday [...] service" and that "thereby Forestle unfolds a high effectiveness and sharpens the consumers' sense for the impact of consumer behavior".[8]

Forestle search engine partners[edit]

Forestle was associated to Google until Google revoked the site's search functionality after four days due to a dispute over whether their terms of service were being broken.[9] states that Google did not actually give reasons for stopping the association.[10] At the time, Forestle posted a message on their website stating that Google had contacted them and explained the reason for banning Forestle from using their Google Custom Search.[9] The action by Google to not further support Forestle immediately drew international attention.[11][12] Details about the conflict between Google and Forestle are debated.[13] Forestle is now associated with Yahoo.[14]

Reference With Ecosia[edit]

This Green Certified Search Engine now (1 January 2011) states that its search results will be redirected to Ecosia from 1 January, 2011 Which also aims at rainforest saving and a lot of more new activities day-by-day. You can visit Forestle at [1] for the Worldwide Site, [2] for the Indian website, US residences can use And All others can check out their regional sites from [3]. Its "About" page can be reached at [4] and you can know about how it works from [5].

Forestle Discontinued[edit]

"In order to optimally grow the charitable power of our green search alternative, we’ve decided to discontinue Forestle – despite its remarkable success story – in favor of the newly-relaunched Ecosia, which will process all queries to Forestle starting on January 1 2011. With Ecosia, you can also help protect the rainforest with every search." States the website [15] about the latest notice about it discontinuation.

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