Found FBA-2

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Found Aircraft FBA-2C1 BushHawk
Role Cabin monoplane
National origin Canada
Manufacturer Found Aircraft
Designer S.R. Found
First flight 1960
Number built 35
Developed from Found FBA-1
Variants Found Centennial

The Found FBA-2 was a 1960s Canadian four/five-seat cabin monoplane produced by Found Aircraft.

Design and development[edit]

The Found FBA-2 was an all-metal development of the company's first design, the Found FBA-1. The prototype first flew on 11 August 1960. It was a high-wing monoplane with a fixed tricycle undercarriage. The production version was to be the Found FBA-2B but the aircraft was produced with a conventional tail-wheel landing gear as the Found FBA-2C. The first production FBA-2C first flew on 9 May 1962. It was powered by an Avco Lycoming O-540-A1D engine and had a slightly longer cabin and enlarged cabin doors than the prototype. Originally, float or ski landing gear was available through third parties, and later became a factory option. Production ended in 1965 to concentrate on building the newer and larger Centennial 100. Thirty-four had been built.[1]

In 1996 the design was acquired by Found Aircraft Development who developed an improved model the FBA-2C2 Bush Hawk-XP. This model was certified by Transport Canada in March, 1999 and by the Federal Aviation Administration in March, 2000. This version was manufactured between 2000-2007, after which it was replaced by a new version of the same basic airframe designated the Expedition E350 and the Expedition E350XC.[1]

Expedition E350[edit]

Expedition E350

The E350 is an evolutionary development of the basic FBA-2 aimed at the personal use market. The Expedition E350 was FAA type certified in December 2008. The aircraft can be equipped with four or five seats and has a full fuel payload in excess of 900 pounds. It has a range of 700 nmi (1,296 km) at a cruise speed of 156 kn (289 km/h) and is powered by a Lycoming IO-580 powerplant producing 315 hp (235 kW). The E350 has been designed with rugged landing gear for operating from unprepared surfaces and has STOL performance.[2][3]

At the time of the aircraft's certification the company said:

Specifications (FBA-2C)[edit]

Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1965-66 [4]

General characteristics



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