Fran Beauman

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Fran Beauman
Born 1977
Other names Francesca Beauman
Occupation Actor, writer, presenter, historian, radio presenter, children's presenter, television presenter
Years active 2000s-present
Spouse(s) James Bobin
Children 1 daughter — Madelaine

Francesca Beauman, also known as Fran Beauman (born 1977) is a historian and television presenter, living in both London, United Kingdom and Los Angeles, California, United States. She is the writer of two books, The Pineapple: King of Fruits and The Woman's Book: Everything but the Kitchen Sink.[1] She is currently writing a third book about lonely hearts adverts.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Beauman is married to film director, screenwriter and producer James Bobin, with whom she has one daughter, Madelaine.


Beauman went to Cambridge University, getting a first class degree in history. During her time at university, she met and worked with Ania Dykczak. Together, they formed "Crazy Horse Theatre Company", which won several awards including The Guardian International Student Drama Award. She and Dykczak since went into television, making documentaries for both adults and children, such as the Five series Heroes of History. In November 2006, they were both nominated for a Children's BAFTA. Beauman has also appeared as a guest panelist on BBC Radio 4's panel game Quote Unquote. Beauman is married to writer and television director James Bobin.[1]

Beauman is currently the author of two books. The first, The Pineapple: King of Fruits is a book covering the history of the pineapple that was published in 2005. She is a world-leading expert on the subject, having written an article entitled, "Perfect is the pineapple" in the journal Petits Propos Culinaires,[3] having a tattoo of a pineapple on her lower back,[1] and donating the pineapple another Radio 4 panel game The Museum of Curiosity.[4]

Her second book, The Woman's Book: Everything but the Kitchen Sink is a humorous book covering modern life for women.[1] Her as yet untitled third book is about the history of lonely hearts adverts.[2]

She is a historian as well as a presenter. She was the co-creater/writer/host of 'Ania, Fran and a Kettle of Fish', for Five. She was the co-host/writer of 'Show me the Funny' on E4. She was alongside Ania Dykczak for both these shows. Fran also co-hosted 'Bring It On' alongside Ania and Dick and Dom. She was contributor/writer of 'Go 4 It' on BBC Radio 4. She was co-creater/writer/host of 'Heroes of History', for Five. She was a contributor of 'My Famous Family' and 'Britain's Best', both on UKTV History. She was a guest panelist on 'Quote Unquote' and 'Museum of Curiosity', both on BBC Radio 4.


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