Francisco José Madero González

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Francisco José Madero González
Fransisco José Madero González in the State Congress in Coahuila on August 11, 1981
Governor of Coahuila
In office
August 12, 1981 – November 30, 1981
Preceded by Oscar Flores Tapia
Succeeded by José de las Fuentes Rodríguez
Personal details
Born October 16, 1930
San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Died February 21, 2013
Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico
Political party Institutional Revolutionary Party
Spouse(s) María Luisa Fernández del Castillo
Children Francisco José
Miguel Agustín Segundo
Jorge Raúl
María Luisa

Francisco José Madero González (October 16, 1930 – February 21, 2013) was a Mexican politician, accountant, and member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Madero served as the 54th Municipal President, or Mayor, of Torreón from 1976 to 1978 and the Governor of the Mexican state of Coahuila in 1981.[1][2][3]


Personal life[edit]

Madero was born in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States on October 16, 1930, and raised in Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila.[1][3] He was the seventh child of Mexican General Raúl Madero and Dora González Sada.[1] His parents had fled to the United States after the Mexican Revolution.[3] His paternal uncle, Francisco I. Madero, served as the President of Mexico from 1911 to 1913.[1][4]

Francisco José Madero married his wife, María Luisa Fernández del Castillo, in 1953. The couple had seven children - Francisco José, Miguel Agustín Segundo, Jorge Raúl, María Luisa, Bernardo, Ignacio, and Rodolfo.[1]

Political career[edit]

Madero began his career as an accountant.[3]

Madero was the chairman of the local Institutional Revolutionary Party's Torreón municipal committee from 1962 to 1963.[1] He next served as the head of the state Public Registry of Property from October 1963 until September 1975.[1]

Madero served as the 54th Municipal President (mayor) of Torreón from 1976 to 1978.[3] He was elected as a federal deputy of the Chamber of Deputies representing Coahuila, serving in the LI Legislature from September 1, 1979, until August 1, 1982.[1] He took a leave of absence from the Chamber of Deputies in 1981 to become interim Governor of Coahuila following the resignation of his predecessor, former Governor Oscar Flores Tapia.[1][4] He served as the Governor of Coahuila for a brief tenure from August 11, 1981, until November 30, 1981.[1][4] Madero later became a Senator within the Senate of the Republic during the LII and LIII federal Legislatures.[1] His last public office was as the head of the Jefe del Departamento de Promociones Social de Infonavit from 1991 to 1993.[4]

He became the director of the General del Instituto Coahuilense para las Personas Adultas Mayores in 2002.[4]


On February 16th, 2013, Francisco José Madero González was found unconscious in his bedroom at 8:00 AM by one of his servants, Madero was then immediately escorted to the hospital. After 5 nights spent in the hospital, Madero was confirmed dead by Coahuila Governor Rubén Moreira Valdez via Twitter.[4] on Thursday at 1:00 PM. His funeral was then held the upcoming evening at 4:00 PM, he died from Pneumonia at the age of 82. [1][4][2]