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Origin Manila, Philippines
Genres Alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge, alternative metal
Years active 2009–present
Labels MCA Music, Inc. (2009–present)
Associated acts Parokya Ni Edgar
Members Franco Reyes
Past members Gabby Alipe
Ocho Toleran
Buwi Meneses
JanJan Mendoza

Franco is a Filipino rock supergroup with members from different Filipino bands. The original lineup consisted of Franco Reyes (of InYo) on vocals, Gabby Alipe (of Urbandub) on guitar, Paolo "8" Toleran (of Queso) on guitar, Buwi Meneses (of Parokya ni Edgar) on bass guitar, and JanJan Mendoza (of Urbandub) on drums.[1] The original lineup of the supergroup disbanded mid-2012. The band now has a new lineup which consists of front man Franco Reyes and session musicians Paul "Poldo" Cañada on guitars, Dave Delfin on bass and Victor Guison on drums. Franco has released a second album, entitled "Soul Adventurer" March 2013.


Franco Reyes started as a collaboration project between Toleran, Meneses and Mendoza, who are veterans of the Pinoy rock scene. Later on, they decided to look for a front man to help their project band take off. In late 2008, Alipe, Mendoza, Toleran and Meneses collaborated with Reyes, who returned to the Philippines, to form Franco. In 2012, Alipe, Meneses, Toleran and Mendoza left the band, but Franco Reyes continued his music, collaborating with his former band mates in Cebu and other touring members. He is going to release his sophomore studio album, entitled Soul Adventurer, in 2013.

Mainstream success[edit]

Franco started by playing songs from Frank! and InYo. In 2010, they released their self-titled full-length album under MCA Music. Music videos for “Cast Away” and “This Gathering” were aired on Filipino music channel MYX. Franco also dominated the 2010 NU Rock Awards by winning four awards—Artist of the Year, Song of the Year for “This Gathering”, Album of the Year for their self-titled album, and the Listeners' Choice Award.


Though most of its songs were originally written by Reyes with Frank! and InYo, Franco's music is straight to the ears and considerably heavier than the reggae-leaning sound of Frank! and the alternative rock sound of InYo. Interestingly, two songs—“Touch the Sky” and “Song for the Suspect”—have Rastafarian messages such as the spiritual use of marijuana and the belief in Jah, the almighty god of the Rastafarian faith.

Franco Reyes going back solo[edit]

It was announced that four of the members parted ways from the band (Alipe, Toleran, Meneses and Mendoza) in mid-2012 to focus on other projects and their respective bands. Reyes decided to go on solo and collaborate with some former band mates during studio sessions while recording the second album.


  • Franco Reyes – lead vocals, guitars

Current session musicians

  • Paul "Poldo" Cañada - guitars (2012–present)
  • Dave Delfin - bass guitar (2012–present)
  • Victor Guison - drums (2012 - present)

Touring live session musician

  • Chuck Vicuña - bass guitar (2012)

Former members

  • Gabby Alipe – guitars, backing vocals
  • Paolo "8" Toleran – guitars
  • Buwi Meneses – bass guitar
  • JanJan Mendoza – drums


Studio Album[edit]

  • Franco (2010)
  • Soul Adventurer (2013)

Track listing[edit]

Franco (2010)

No. Title Length
1. "Seasons"   3:56
2. "Touch The Sky"   3:43
3. "Castaway"   4:30
4. "Memorykill"   4:44
5. "A Mass For The End of Time"   4:20
6. "Last Waltz"   5:49
7. "Next Train Out"   3:01
8. "Song For The Suspect"   5:06
9. "Tetrahydrochloridedub"   2:15
10. "This Gathering"   5:21
11. "For My Dearly Departed"   5:22
Total length:

Soul Adventurer (2013)

No. Title Length
1. "032"   0:32
2. "To Survive"   4:38
3. "Moonset"   5:03
4. "Better Days"   5:01
5. "What Is To Be Must Be"   0:21
6. "Renewal"   5:34
7. "Drifter"   1:19
8. "A Beautiful Diversion"   3:57
9. "Across The Milkyway"   5:15
10. "Razor"   5:41
11. "Blame"   5:24
12. "Follow That Light"   1:18
13. "Uprising"   5:39
14. "Babylonian Politicians"   0:31
15. "Muse"   5:26
16. "Lover's Fire"   4:27
17. "A Prayer"   4:16
Total length:

Awards and nominations[edit]

NU Rock Awards

  • Won: Artist of the Year (2010)
  • Won: Album of the Year - "Franco" (2010)
  • Won: Song of the Year - "This Gathering" (2010)
  • Won: Listeners' Choice Award (2010)
  • Nominated: Vocalist of the Year - Carlo Dayao (2010)
  • Nominated: Guitarist of the Year - Gabby Alipe, Paolo Toleran, Franco Reyes (2010)
  • Nominated: Bassist of the Year - Buhawi Meneses (2010)
  • Nominated: Drummer of the Year - JanJan Mendoza (2010)
  • Nominated: Best New Artist (2010)

Awit Awards

  • Won: Best Alternative Recording - "Better Days" (2013)
  • Won: Best Performance By A Group Of Recording Artists - "Castaway" (2010)
  • Nominated: Best Performance By A New Group Of Recording Artists - "Castaway" (2010)
  • Nominated: Best Rock/Alternative - "Castaway" (2010)

MYX Music Awards

  • Nominated: Favorite New Artist - Franco (2011)


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