Fuck the Pain Away

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"Fuck the Pain Away"
Song by Peaches from the album The Teaches of Peaches
Released September 5, 2000
Genre Electronica
Length 4:08
Label Kitty-Yo/XL Recordings
Writer Peaches
Producer Peaches
The Teaches of Peaches track listing
"Fuck the Pain Away"

"Fuck the Pain Away" is a song by Peaches. It is considered her breakthrough song, and because of its widespread licensing in films as well as numerous official and unofficial cover versions (including a notable cover by of Montreal) is held by many of her fans to be responsible for her increasing popularity. It appears on her second album The Teaches of Peaches, released in 2000 on Kitty-Yo.

Writing and inspiration[edit]

The lyrics reference a number of female rock stars, such as Debbie Harry ("Callin me, all the time like Blondie") and Chrissie Hynde ("Check out my Chrissie behind"), and morally assertive slogans, such as "Stay in School" (SIS) which is also a reference to her being a teacher before becoming a musician.

Critical reception[edit]

Q magazine listed "Fuck the Pain Away" at #826 on their 1001 Best Songs Ever list.[1]

Music videos[edit]

Notably, there is no official music video for the song, and Peaches has called upon her fans to create videos and other performance art pieces which utilize it as well as report to her all creative uses of the song,[2] which she feels has taken on a life of its own.

Song usage[edit]

It is used in the movies Observe and Report, My Little Eye, Lost In Translation, Jackass Number Two and Drive Angry, as well as being sung by Bollo in The Mighty Boosh Live. It also appeared in an episode of the thirteenth season of South Park, "Butters' Bottom Bitch",.[3] In the 30 Rock episode "Future Husband", it is revealed that Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) uses the song as her ringtone.[4] It is also used in RedLetterMedia's review of Baby's Day Out.[5] The song also appeared in end credits of the True Blood season 5 episode of the same name.[6]


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