Garfield's Pet Force

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Garfield's Pet Force
Garfield's Pet Force Coverart.png
DVD cover
Directed by Mark A.Z. Dippé
Kyung Ho Lee
Produced by Daniel Chuba
John Davis
Ash R. Shah
Written by Jim Davis
Starring Frank Welker
Gregg Berger
Audrey Wasilewski
Jason Marsden
Wally Wingert
Vanessa Marshall
Narrated by Frank Welker
Edited by Rob Neal
Tom Sanders
Distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Lionsgate Home Entertainment (UK)
Release dates
  • June 16, 2009 (2009-06-16)
Running time
76 minutes
Country United States
South Korea
Language English

Garfield's Pet Force is a 2009 CGI film based on characters from the Jim Davis comic strip Garfield and loosely based on the Pet Force novel series. It is the sequel to Garfield's Fun Fest (2008). It is the final installment in the Garfield CGI Cartoon films. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on June 16, 2009. It was written by Garfield creator Jim Davis. In 2010 it was released in 3-D.


When Vetvix comes to Comic Strip World to go after Garzooka. Garzooka enlists Garfield, Nermal, Arlene, and Odie to help him stop Vetvix by becoming the Pet Force. However, Garfield would rather eat and sleep than help save the world. When Vetvix starts threatening Garfield's world, Garfield realizes what's really at stake. Will Garfield stop being lazy and help the Pet Force, and save the world?


On the planet Dorkon, Professor Wally (the professor counterpart to Wally) shows Emperor Jon (the Emperor counterpart to Jon Arbuckle) his new invention, The Moscram ray gun, a device powered by the Klopman crystal that can scramble inanimate objects and organisms into new creatures under the user's control. But Emperor Jon is more concerned about finding a wife to continue the royal bloodline. Soon a warship lands near the palace. Emperor Jon runs into Vetvix (the super-villain counterpart to Dr. Liz Wilson), and asks her if he can marry her. She agrees, but only because she wanted to steal the Moscram Ray Gun, and is successful. Professor Wally calls the Pet Force: Garzooka (Garfield's superhero counterpart), Odious (Odie's superhero counterpart), Abnermal (Nermal's superhero counterpart) and Starlena (Arlene's superheroine counterpart).

The situation was revealed to be a comic book Nermal was reading during a cookout with the gang. Nermal is really excited about getting the next 100th edition issue. Garfield's friends go to the Comic studio to work their new strip, except Garfield who wants to finish all the hot dogs. Nermal gets the new Pet Force issue from a news stand, with Garzooka jumping out of a comic book afterwards. Garzooka heads for Jon's house and is told where Odie, Arlene, and Nermal are by Garfield. Garzooka gives Garfield the Klopman Crystal as well telling him to protect it. Curiously, the pages of the comic book show exactly what is going on in Comic Strip World with Garfield & his group, but pages of future incidents are blank until the incidents occur.

In the break room at the Comic Studio, Nermal, Arlene, and Odie notice Garzooka behind them. Garzooka hands them the serums asking them to help him stop Vetvix, but they don't change immediately after they drink the serums. However it's time for Odie, Arlene, and Nermal to go to work and Garzooka follows. Meanwhile, the real Garfield is enjoying a relaxing day all to himself, but is captured by Vetvix (who appeared in Comic Strip World earlier) who tortures him for the Klopman Crystal, but to no avail (because Garfield is a cartoon character). Garfield tries to protect the Klopman Crystal, but it is taken by Vetvix and orders her guards to get rid of Garfield.

The real Garzooka and the Pet Force go to the antenna and use it to bring down Vetvix's ship. Meanwhile, the zombies chase Garfield and Wally to the Comic Studio, and Eli opens the pit in the filming area, in which the zombies fall into. Meanwhile at the tower, Vetvix shoots the Moscram Ray Gun using the super scramble mode at the Pet Force.

Emperor Jon and Professor Wally break free (by the Professor's monocle that Garfield put on the windowsill earlier), and take over the ship, flying into the air, making Vetvix fall off. However, she makes a giant monster by shooting the ray gun at most of the buildings in the Comic Strip World, and decides to use the monster to destroy everything and get back her ship. Meanwhile, Vetvix's ship lands near the back alley of Comic Studio, and the Crazy Crew meet them, who let Garfield enter the ship. The ship flies above the monster and Garfield jumps off. By using the power of the Super Scrambled Pet Force and the dropped Moscram Ray Gun, Garfield defeats the monster along with unscrambling the Pet Force.


Additional voices were provided by Cathy Cavadini, Greg Finley, Jeff Fischer, David Michie, Paige Pollack and Ruth Zalduondo.

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