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Geller is a surname. Depending on one's ancestors' origins, the name may derive from the German word "gellen" (to yell) and mean "one who yells", the Yiddish word "gel" (yellow) and mean the "yellow man", or the Yiddish word "geler", an expression for a redheaded man. It may also be a Russianised form of Heller. The name appears with some frequency in northwestern Germany, near the city of Aachen.

The following people have the last name Geller:

  • Andrew Geller (1924-2011), Architect
  • Bruce Geller (1930–1978), American composer, screenwriter, and television producer
  • Efim Geller (1925–1998), Soviet chess player
  • Herb Geller (1928-2013), Jazz musician and composer
  • Jamie Geller (born 1978), American-born Israeli cookbook author and chef
  • Kenneth Geller (born 1947), American lawyer and Managing Partner of the law firm Mayer Brown
  • Margaret Geller (born 1947), American astronomer and astrophysicist
  • Pamela Geller (born 1958), American blogger, author, political activist, and commentator
  • Simon Geller (1919-1995), American classical music station radio personality
  • Steven Geller (born 1958), American statesman
  • Uri Geller (born 1946), Alleged Israeli psychic, magician and television personality
  • Greg Geller (born 1971), Owns Vision Home Buyers and developed a nationwide licensing program for home buying

The following fictional characters also have the last name Geller:

  • Monica Geller, a character from the American television sitcom Friends
  • Paris Geller, a character from the American television drama Gilmore Girls
  • Ross Geller, a character from the American television sitcom Friends, brother of Monica Geller

Geller may also refer to:

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