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Genocyber manga cover.jpg
Japanese cover of the manga
Written by Tony Takezaki
Published by Byakuya Shobo
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Original run 19931994
Volumes 1
Original video animation
Directed by Koichi Ohata
Produced by Masashi Abe
Minoru Takanashi
Shin Unozawa
Shinji Aramaki
Written by Koichi Ohata
Shō Aikawa
Music by Hiroaki Kagoshima
Takehito Nakazawa
Studio ARTMIC Studios
Bandai Visual
Licensed by
Released May 24, 1994July 21, 1994
Runtime 45 minutes (episode 1)
25 minutes (episode 2-3)
30 minutes (episode 4-5)
Episodes 5
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Genocyber (ジェノサイバー Jenosaibā?) is a 1993 Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tony Takezaki. One volume of the manga was published and the story remains unfinished. It was adapted into a original video animation (OVA) series a year later by Bandai Visual.


The series is centered on a young girl named Elaine and details the development and creation of a "Genocyber", an ultimate biological weapon created by combining the powers and consciousness of two psychic sisters, Elaine and Diane.


Written by Tony Takezaki between 1993 and 1994. It was one volume.[citation needed]

Original Video Animation[edit]

Bandai Visual produced a five-episode original video animation (OVA) and released between May 24, 1994 and July 21, 1994.[citation needed] U.S. Manga Corps licensed the series for North America while Manga Entertainment released the first three episodes in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.[citation needed]

Episode list:

Number Title Release date
1. A New Life Form May 24, 1994
2 Vajranoid Attack
3. Global War
4. Legend of the City of the Grand Ark Part I
5. Legend of the City of the Grand Ark Part II July 21, 1994


The anime was heavily criticized for its extremely graphic horror violence. Justin Savakis of Anime News Network stated that the OVA "breaks the unwritten rule that you never show a child getting seriously injured or killed" and "takes sadistic glee in being as graphic as possible"[1] Chris Beveridge of absolutely hated the anime along with Ohta's other two directorial works, MD Geist and Cybernetics Guardian, and asked if someone "make sure Koichi Ohta never directs another show".[2]


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