Germany national under-19 speedway team

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Flag of Germany.svg
Association German Motor Union
Deutscher Motor Sport Bund
Team manager Rene Schäfer
Team captain
Nation Colour Black, Red and Yellow
European Championships
Team U-19 1
Best result    2nd (2008)
Individual U-19
Best result    4th - Martin Smolinski (2000)

The Germany national under-19 speedway team is the national under-19 motorcycle speedway team of Germany and is controlled by the Deutscher Motor Sport Bund. The team was started in all editions of Team Speedway Junior European Championship and they won one silver medal. The German riders has never won a medal in Individual competition.


Team Speedway Junior European Championship
Year Place Pts. Riders
2008 2 29 Kevin Wölbert (12), Frank Facher (8), Erik Pudel (7), Max Dilger (2), Sönke Petersen (0)
2009 3rd place in Semi-Final
Erik Pudel (17), René Deddens (11), Marcel Helfer (4), Sebastian Eckerle (1), Franz Winklhofer (0)
2010 3rd place in Semi-Final
René Deddens (5), Marcel Helfer (2), Michel Hofmann (2), Kai Huckenbeck (1), Danny Maassen (1)


Riders who stareted in Individual Speedway Junior European Championship Finals:

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