Cygnus Air

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Cygnus Air
Cygnus Air Logo.png
Cygnus Air
Founded 1994
Operating bases Madrid Barajas International Airport
Focus cities Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tenerife Norte, Frankfurt
Fleet size 2
Destinations 3
Parent company IMES (Grupo ACS) (100%)
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
A Cygnus Air Boeing 757 approaches Frankfurt Airport

Cygnus Air (formerly Gestair Cargo) is a cargo airline based in Madrid, Spain. It is a privately owned airline operating scheduled flights to destinations in Spain and Germany. Its main base is Madrid Barajas International Airport.[1]


The airline was established as a regional passenger carrier in 1994 but started full cargo operations in November 1998. It was founded by Regional Airlines of France and business airline Gestair of Spain as Regional Líneas Aéreas. It operated scheduled passenger flights from Madrid with a fleet of Saab 340 until January 1998. It then re-emerged as Cygnus Air operating all-cargo services with two Douglas DC-862F aircraft. In July 2002, a DC8-73F was phased in. The airline is owned by Macholfam International (Grupo Gestair) (60%) and IMES (Grupo ACS) (40%).[1] From 2006 onward, and for legal concerns, its legal name changed to Corporación Ygnus Air. Since May 2007, its commercial name has changed to Gestair Cargo, as part of the new brand positioning carried out by the Gestair Group. Gestair Cargo's main client was Iberia Airlines (at May 2007).[2]

As of June 2013, aircraft began being repainted back into the Cygnus Air livery.[3] In July 2013 it was confirmed that the Gestair had sold its cargo operation and the airline resumed operations under its previous name, Cygnus Air Cargo.[4]


The Cygnus Air fleet includes the following aircraft (as of June 2014):[5]

Cygnus Air Fleet
Aircraft Number Notes
Boeing 757-200 2

The airline replaced its Douglas DC-8-62CFs with Boeing 757-200PF aircraft, converted to freighter by Precision Conversions and started commercial operations in February 2008.[2]


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