Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals

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The Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals (GAAAP) is an [[]] affirming, Oneness Pentecostal denomination, headquartered in Thonotosassa, Florida.

GAAAP was organized in 2007 by Rev. Robert Morgan of Tampa, Florida. GAAAP originally began as a ministerial fellowship, with 17 ministers by early 2008. In April 2010, GAAAP merged with Apostolic Restoration Mission (ARM), formerly known as the National Gay Pentecostal Alliance (NGPA). NGPA had been the first LGBT-affirming Apostolic denomination, having formed in 1980 in Schenectady, New York.[1] By late summer 2010, the organization claimed 50 ministers in 19 States and 5 nations. It was in 2010 that GAAAP amended its constitution to become a denomination and began to affiliate churches. Another significant development in the administrative structure of the organization was the official consecration of Robert Morgan and Robert Stamper as Presiding and Assistant Bishops respectively in August, 2011. The organization hosts an annual leadership retreat in February, in Tampa, FL and an annual ONE Conference that rotates between cities.

The church is non-trinitarian in theology, holding to the belief that all the fullness of God resides bodily in Jesus, and teaches that repentance, water baptism by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ, and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost are essential elements of the Apostolic era church that must be retained in the church of God today. They also believe that speaking in tongues is the initial physical evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The church is affirming of gay people but doesn't not promote itself as a gay organization.

A significant development occurred in Feb. '10 when Bishop Morgan led the GAAAP ministers in a prayer of repentance for lingering animosity toward a group from which many GAAAP ministers had emerged years before. Overtures of reconciliation were made over several months that culminated in Pastor Randy Duncan's (Chief Presiding Presbyter of the Reconciling Pentecostals International) acceptance of GAAAP's invitation to speak for their Leadership Retreat in Tampa, Feb. 24, 2012. The two groups remain in the early process of reconciliation.

Affiliated, Endorsed and/or Cooperative Churches[edit]

Arizona, Scottsdale - Reconciling Pentecostal Assembly - Pastor Doug Clanton (RPI)

Florida, Ft. Lauderdale - Shine Ministries - Pastor Jayeson Owen (RPI)

Florida, Lakeland - Grace Restoration Fellowship - Pastor Lee Steele (GAAAP)

Florida, Tampa - New Journey - Pastor Joe Paramore (GAAAP)

Florida, Thonotossasa - Under His Wings Ministries - Pastor Robert Morgan (GAAAP)

Indiana, Indianapolis - Bridge of Hope Ministries - Pastor Robert Stamper (GAAAP)

Indiana, Laport - New Life Community Church of Hope - Pastor Randy Duncan (RPI)

Missouri, St. Louis - Light of Love Fellowship - Pastor Lenny Johnson (RPI)

Ohio, Columbus - Master's Commission New Covenant Church - Pastor Kelly Cross (RPI)

Texas, Houston - Rainbow Covenant Church - Pastors Cecilia Wilson/June Frost (RPI)

Texas, Odessa - New Song Fellowship - Pastor Debbie Cummins (RPI)

West Virginia, Charleston - Pentecostal Affirming Ministries - Pastor Tiffany Brashear (GAAAP)

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