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The Global Certification Forum, known as GCF, is an active partnership between mobile network operators, mobile device manufacturers and the test industry. GCF was founded in 1999, and its membership has been responsible for creating an independent certification programme to help ensure global interoperability between mobile devices and networks.

The GCF certification process is based on technical requirements as specified within dedicated test specifications provided by the 3GPP, OMA, IMTC, the GSM Association and others.

The current GCF membership includes mobile network operators, more than 40 leading terminal manufacturers and over 65 test equipment manufacturers, test laboratories and other organizations from mainly a test environment.

GCF's guiding maxim is "test once, use anywhere."

Recognised Test Organisations (RTOs) [1] are GCF Members that have demonstrated they possess the experience, qualifications and systems to assess mobile phones and wireless devices against GCF's Certification Criteria.

From January 1, 2013, it became a requirement that all device testing associated with GCF Certification must be undertaken by an RTO. The scheme recognises Test Organisations in three distinct disciplines: Conformance Testing, Field Trials and Interoperability Testing. To become an RTO, an organisation must submit a declaration confirming that it understands GCF procedures and has the ability to conduct testing in accordance with GCF rules and the relevant RTO requirements.

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  • 7Layers Group a GCF RTO and ACE with test laboratories in Europe, North America, Korea, China and Japan
  • UL Verification Services a GCF RTO and ACE with test laboratories in United Kingdom and North America
  • Korea Testing Laboratory a group with PTCRB certified test laboratories in Korea