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Map of Goierri

Goierri (meaning "Highland(s)" in the Basque language) is one of the eight regions in Gipuzkoa, formed by 18 municipalities, Beasain, Lazkao and Ordizia being the main towns.

The Basque Language[edit]

The region is traditionally Basque speaking, having a higher proportion of Basque speakers than other provinces in Gipuzkoa. According to data from 1996, around half the population of Goierri speak Basque as a mother tongue. The predominant dialect is the central dialect that proliferates much of Gipuzkoa's Basque speaking communities. Villages are more likely to be predominantly Basque speaking with particularly strong Basque speaking populations in the towns of Oridizia, Ataun, Lazkao and Beasain. Basque is the dominant language in education in the area, for example, Lazkao's San Benito Ikastola and Ataun San Martin's Joxemigel Barandiaran Eskola teaching exclusively through the Basque language with the exception of Spanish lessons.

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Coordinates: 42°59′26″N 2°14′05″W / 42.99056°N 2.23472°W / 42.99056; -2.23472