Greater Manchester Metrolink Limited

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This article is about the private rail consortium GMML. For the light rail system in Greater Manchester formerly operated by GMML, see Manchester Metrolink.
Greater Manchester Metrolink Limited
Former type Consortium
Industry Public transport - light rail
Fate Contract terminated
Successors Serco
Founded 1989
Defunct 1997
Headquarters Manchester, England, UK
Area served Greater Manchester
Services Design, build and operations
Owners Altram (Manchester) Limited, Ansaldo Transporti, Serco Investments Limited, Laing Civil Engineering, 3i

Greater Manchester Metrolink Limited (GMML) was a private company formed by the GMA consortium (GEC Alsthom, John Mowlem plc and AMEC) in 1989 to design, build and operate the Metrolink light rail system in Greater Manchester, England.[1] Construction of the Metrolink system began in March 1990.

The contract was awarded for 15 years subject to early termination should the network be extended.[2] In 1997 contracts for extension were let to Altram (Manchester), a consortium of Ansaldo Transporti, Serco Investments Limited, Laing Civil Engineering and 3i.[3] Serco Metrolink, a wholly owned subsidiary of Serco Limited, took over the operations and maintenance of the system on 26 May 1997. In March 2003, Serco Investments bought out its partners and Altram (Manchester) Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of Serco.[3]

In July 2007 the contract to operate Metrolink was awarded to Stagecoach Metrolink, a subsidiary of the Scottish transport company, Stagecoach Group plc.[4][5] Unlike Serco, Stagecoach do not own the concession, merely operate it on a fixed-term management contract.


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