Hard to Believe: A Kiss Covers Compilation

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Hard to Believe: A Kiss Covers Compilation
Version 1
Compilation album by various artists
Released 1990
Recorded Between 1989-1990
Genre Rock
Label C/Z Records
Alternative cover
Version 2
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Hard to Believe: A Kiss Covers Compilation is a Kiss tribute album with all of the tracks performed by (at the time) underground, independent, punk bands of the late 1980s. The two bands featured on this album that would continue on to greater success are Nirvana and Melvins, though Doug Martsch of Treepeople would go on to found Built To Spill. This is one of two Nirvana recordings with Jason Everman on guitar.[1]


No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Detroit Rock City"   Stanley/Ezrin Bullet LaVolta 4:32
2. "Parasite"   Frehley Smelly Tongues 5:06
3. "Snow Blind"   Frehley Skin Yard 4:58
4. "Deuce"   Simmons Hellmenn 4:29
5. "Christine Sixteen"   Simmons All 3:47
6. "Calling Dr. Love"   Simmons Hullabaloo 5:22
7. "God Of Thunder"   Stanley Melvins 5:17
8. "Beth"   Criss/Ezrin/Penridge Coffin Break 4:38
9. "Rip It Out"   Frehley/Kelly/Kelly Chemical People 5:04
10. "I Want You"   Stanley King Snake Roost 5:39
11. "Do You Love Me?"   Stanley/Ezrin/Fowley Nirvana 5:16
12. "Lick It Up"   Stanley/Vincent Hard-Ons 4:51
13. "War Machine"   Simmons/Adams/Vallance Instigators 5:27
14. "Makin' Love"   Stanley/Delaney Thrust 5:48
15. "Love Gun"   Stanley Surfin' Caesars 4:56

Songs that appear on other versions of the album include:

  • "Is That You?" (McMahon) performed by Girl Monstar
  • "Sure Know Something" (Stanley, Poncia) performed by Whipper (featuring Rock Hard)
  • "Charisma" (Simmons, Marks) performed by the Plunders
  • "Beth" (Criss, Ezrin, Penridge) performed by The Hard-Ons

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