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The Haris (Bengali: হাড়ি) are people of indigenous origin found in large numbers in Birbhum, Bankura and other districts in the western fringe of the Indian state of West Bengal.[1][2]

The Haris numbered 390,619 in the 2001 census and were 2.1 per cent of the scheduled caste population of West Bengal. 49.5 per cent of the Haris were literate – 61.6 per cent males and 36.8 per cent females were literate.[3]

Traditionally, the Haris were scavengers, sweepers and swine herds but some were cultivators. In Birbhum district, they were divided into four subcastes: Bhuinmali or cultivators, Dai/ Phul Hari or midwives, Kahar Hari or palanquin bearers, and Mehtar Hari or sweepers.[1]


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