Helium Vola

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Helium Vola
Origin Germany
Genres Darkwave
Years active 2001–present
Website www.helium-vola.de
Members Ernst Horn
Sabine Lutzenberger

Helium Vola is a German "Electro-Medieval" band founded in 2001 by Ernst Horn, who was also one of the founding members of Qntal. In the contract with Chrom Records Horn insisted on Helium Vola not being seen as a successor of Qntal nor being marketed as such. The band's name is Latin meaning "Fly, Helium" - a reference to the noble gas Helium which is used to fill balloons.[1]

Helium Vola interpret medieval lyrics in Old High German, Middle High German, Latin, Provençal and Middle French language in a modern, electronic scape of sound. Thereby danceable songs like "In Lichter Farbe Steht Der Wald" as well as pieces that are strongly based on samples (e.g. "Funerali" and "Iuvenes" on Helium Vola) are created.

The project's main vocalist is Sabine Lutzenberger, though the project has utilised a number of guest singers and musicians.


  • Ernst Horn, (instruments, composer)
  • Sabine Lutzenberger, vocals


All three albums published by Helium Vola are meant to be concept albums with a general theme.

Helium Vola, with a mix of mostly medieval lyrics and news casts focuses on the shipwrecking of Russia nuclear submarine Kursk.

The album Liod (Old High German: song) broaches the issue of a medieval woman's biography.

Für Euch, die Ihr liebt is a double album. The first CD consists of love songs from various eras while the second CD features lyrics on darker themes such as death, greed and homophobia.[2] It contains a version of "Die Moorsoldaten".


  • Helium Vola (Chrom Records: 2001), studio album (some versions released with 'Omnis Mundi Creatura' as bonus disc)
  • Liod (Chrom Records: 2004), studio album
  • Für Euch, die Ihr liebt (Indigo: 2009), studio album
  • Wohin? (Chrom Records: 2013), studio album



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