Henley High School (Adelaide, South Australia)

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Henley High School
Henley Beach, South Australia, Australia
Type Public School
Motto To strive, to seek, not to yield
Established 1958
Principal Liz Schneyder
Enrolment 2,500
Campus Henley Beach
Colour(s)           Green and Red

Henley High School is a co-educational, comprehensive public secondary school, located in Henley Beach, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia.[1]

Founded in 1958,[2] Henley offers specialist programs in sports, advanced technology, and vocational education; aboriginal education and international student programs are also featured. The curriculum consists of a middle school transition for years 8 and 9, and SACE and vocational education and training for the senior classes.[3]

Henley High School is a local Government School for 1300 students in years 8 to 12, including 70 International students and 30 students with significant learning difficulties in our Disability Unit.

The school is situated close to Henley Beach, the airport and the CBD in Adelaide, South Australia and provides a comprehensive curriculum that meets the individual learning needs of the diverse range of students from our local and wider Western Adelaide community. [4]

School Zone[edit]

Henley High School Zone.

Students living in the area bounded by Grange Road, Tapleys Hill Road, Milton Avenue, Debney Street, Motley Avenue, the River Torrens, Tapleys Hill Road, Anderson Avenue and the Gulf St Vincent coast will be enrolled if they apply for Henley High School. Students living outside this zone are still encouraged to apply.

Specialist Sports Program (SSP): Students do not need to live in the zone described to apply for the SSP. [5]

Specialist Sport Program[edit]


Since its inception at Henley High School the Specialist Sport Program has impacted on the lives of many students. The training they have received has not only assisted them to make South Australian and Australian teams, achieve personal bests in their events and win State and National Championships in a variety of sports, but also provided pathways to employment and further education post school. [6]


The Specialist Sport Program at Henley High School was established as part of funding provided by the Department of Education and Child Services in November of 1997 to assist student athletes to maximise their potential whilst achieving a balance between their academic, sporting and life goals.

Initially, the program ran from years 8 – 11 and students completed 220 minutes per week over the year accessing high quality coaches provided by the school or in conjunction with State Sporting Associations. Sports offered in the first year were football, netball, basketball, athletics, cricket and softball. In 2001, four new sports were added to the program: hockey, tennis, soccer and surf lifesaving.

Since its inception the program has made a number of changes to meet the needs of our students’ educational and sporting needs. Some of these changes have included:

introduction of dance into the program establishment of a Year 8 overlay program supporting the middle schooling model of the school providing a curriculum pathway up to Year 12 incorporating a variety of accreditation into the program including a Certificate 2 and 3 in Sport and Recreation, National Coaching and Officiating Schemes courses and Senior First Aid Certificate fostering stronger relationships between the school and local primary schools [7]


Specialist Sport programs are conducted by highly experienced and credentialed coaches in partnership with the relevant State Sporting Organisations. The program’s focus is on the development of the ‘student athlete’ with its core elements including skill training in the relevant sport, physical preparation, performance analysis, personal development, and a flexible and supportive academic program from Years 8 to 12. [8]

Notable alumni[edit]


Over 420 athletes from a wide range of sports participate in Specialist Sport programs. Both able bodied athletes and athletes with a disability are eligible to apply. Select entry to the program is made on the basis of an application which must meet academic and sporting criteria. A selection trial, and when appropriate an interview, are a normal part of the selection process. [11]

ICT In The Curriculum[edit]

Henley High School has a focus on student learning through a flexible and varied curriculum. ICT plays a major role in the Henley High School Curriculum and is implemented in all year levels. Basic skills such as word processing, PowerPoint presentations, using spreadsheets and general internet searches are incorporated into all subjects taught.

In the senior years, students have the choice to study ICT as a subject whereby they explore the world of ICT and learn how to use a wider range of software through the following subjects: Year 10

Information Communications Technology Digital Media

Year 11

Creative Arts – Digital Media Information, Processing and Publishing

Year 12

Creative Arts – Digital Media Information, Processing and Publishing

Vocational Education Training (VET)

Cert II Information, Digital Media and Technology Cert II Creative Industries [12]

Career Development[edit]


At Henley High School students investigate their future pathways through structured programs in PLP: Year 8, 9 & 10, Stage 1 Integrated Research Project and within each of the Curriculum areas. This investigation incorporates: Choosing subjects, VET, participating in structured work placements, investigating careers, work opportunities and further education.

Personal Learning Plan

The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a compulsory 10-credit subject undertaken at Stage 1, Year 10. Students must achieve a C grade or better to complete the subject successfully and gain their SACE.

At Henley High School students are prepared to successfully complete the Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan at Year 10 through a comprehensive PLP program in Middle School, Year 8 & 9, based upon the same Learning Requirements and Assessment Design Criteria.

The PLP helps students to:

plan their personal and learning goals for the future make informed decisions about their personal development, education, and training Developing goals for the future will engage students in activities such as:

  • selecting subjects, courses, and other learning relevant to pathways through and beyond school
  • investigating possible career choices
  • exploring personal and learning goals
  • Without goals and plans, our futures are left to chance. (From ‘SenseAbility: Sense of Future’, Beyond Blue)

Integrated Research Project

As part of the Integrated Research Project students investigate Course and Subject information. This includes:

  • using the Prospectus and Flow Charts on Henley HS website to see subject offerings
  • discussing future subjects and pathways with relevant teachers
  • completing a subject mapping exercise and Career Development plan
  • attend individual meetings with Sub School Managers to discuss subject choices and pathway options