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Henri-Claude de Bettignies is a scholar from INSEAD and Stanford University, Emeritus Professor of Asian Business and Comparative Management [1] specialized in Asian business, leadership, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. He is one of the longest-serving faculty at the INSEAD MBA Programme and also coordinates several important Executive Education programs, such as AVIRA


Henri-Claude was educated at Sorbonne, Catholic University of Paris, and at Harvard Business School. He has worked in Africa, at the University of California, in New York (for IBM), and Tokyo. In 1967 as Assistant Professor, he initiated the development of the Organisational Behaviour department. In 1970, he was involved in the creation (1971) of CEDEP. Professor since 1975, he started and developed INSEAD's activities in Japan and the Asia Pacific region,[2] leading to the creation of the Euro-Asia Centre (1980), of which he was Director General (1980–1988). He then accepted a joint appointment at Stanford University (Graduate School of Business) from 1988 to 2004.

Current activities[edit]

He is currently developing the Ethics initiative at INSEAD, and is pioneering a new approach (AVIRA) to enlighten business leaders. AVIRA brings together chairmen and CEOs from about 30 countries keen to enrich their vision and enhance their quality as leaders. He teaches the MBA courses: Ethics and Global Business, and Culture and Management in Asia at Stanford and INSEAD.

Henri-Claude spends part of his time in the Asia Pacific region, directing and teaching two executive programmes: Human Resource Management in Asia, and Managing Change & Change of Management in Asia.

Henri-Claude is the Founder and Director of the CEDRE. He is a consultant to several major organisations in Europe, US and Asia Pacific region.


He has published several books:[3][4]"The Management of Change" (1975), "Business Transformation in China" (1996), "The Changing Business Environment in the Asia Pacific Region" (1997), "Trade & Investment in the Asia Pacific Region" (1997); and has co-authored "Le Japon" (1998) and "Business Ethics: Policies and Persons" (McGraw-Hill, 2005). More than 50 articles in business and professional journals were published. He is on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Asian Business, International Studies of Management & Organization, The Asian Academy of Management Journal, The New Academic Review, Corporate Governance: the International Journal of Business and Society, The Thunderbird International Business Review, Finance & Common Good. He is on the International Advisory Board of The IACMR, Asian Business and Management, VIGEO; and a member of the Board of Jones Lang LaSalle.