Hercules Middle/High School

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Hercules Middle/High School
1900 Refugio Valley Road
Hercules, California
Type Public
Established 2001
School district West Contra Costa Unified School District
Principal Paul Mansingh
Grades 6-12
Color(s) Black, Columbia Blue, and Silver
Mascot The Titan
Newspaper Titan Template
Yearbook The Olympus

Hercules Middle/High School is a secondary school located at 1900 Refugio Valley Road in Hercules, California, USA. The campus consists of both a middle school and high school on the same premises, with the administrative complex and library separating the two sides. Established in 2001, it is the only secondary housing grades 6-12 school in the West Contra Costa Unified School District.


As of 2009, the Hercules Middle/High School student population was 45.2% Asian/Pacific Islander, 25.0% Black, 14.9% Hispanic, 9.9% White, and 0.3%% American Indian.[1] 25% are considered economically disadvantaged, participating in a free or reduced- price lunch program, and 9% are English language learners.[2]

High School Publications[edit]

  • Hercules High School's newspaper is the Titan Template.[3] John Brown ran the publication since the school's opening in 2001 until his retirement in 2009. Since then, Natalie Wojinski has taken over advising the newspaper. In 2009, it won an "excellent" in JEANC's Best of the West.[4] The publication can be viewed online at http://issuu.com/titantemplate.
  • Hercules High School also has a fledgling online newspaper, ArkeNews. It is so named because Arke was the messenger of the Titans in mythology.
  • Hercules Middle School's newspaper is the Titan Times and is advised by Lynne Dirk.
  • Hercules Middle/High School's award-winning yearbook is called The Olympus. It is also advised by Natalie Wojinski.
  • The school also has a creative literary magazine called The Dynamite Factory. The magazine is published by the Creative Writing class and is advised by Jamey Genna.


Hercules Middle/High School competes in the Tri-County Athletic League (TCAL) of the North Coast Section (NCS).

Sports only available for high school students.


Cross Country
Water Polo

The Hercules Middle/High School Rhythm n' Motion Dancers dance production group ended in 2011 when the dance teacher Teresa Felix retired because the dance program at the school was being threatened by budget cuts.


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