Hermann II, Count of Celje

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Hermann II, Count of Celje
Hermann II, Count of Celje
Spouse(s) Countess Anna of Schaunberg
Father Hermann I, Count of Celje
Mother Katherine of Bosnia
Born c. 1361
Died October 13, 1435(1435-10-13)

Hermann II (Slovene: Herman II. Celjski; German: Hermann Graf von Cilli, Ortenburg und Seger) (c. 1361 – 13 October 1435) was a Count of Celje and Ban of Slavonia. Hermann was the son of Hermann I, Count of Celje, and his wife Katherine of Bosnia.

Hermann II married Countess Anna of Schaunberg in c. 1377.

Hermann and Anna had six children:

A fourth son, born out of wedlock was later legitimized by the pope[citation needed]

Herman II (rider on the left) saves emperor Sigismund from Turkish capture

In 1396, Hermann II, a soldier in Sigismund of Luxembourg's Crusade of Nicopolis against Bayezid I of the Ottoman Empire, saved Sigismund's life in battle, and was rewarded with the county of Seger (Sagor, Zagorien, Zagorje) and the town of Varaždin.

In 1406 Hermann founded Plettriach Charterhouse (now Pleterje Charterhouse), an important Carthusian monastery.[1]

In 1408, Hermann's daughter, Barbara, married Sigismund, the King of Hungary who later became King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. Hermann's son Frederick II, Count of Celje divorced his first wife Elizabeth of Frankopan and married Veronika of Desenice enraging Hermann. He had Veronika tried and executed for being a witch.[2]

In 1427, Hermann was named heir presumptive to the throne of the Kingdom of Bosnia by his cousin, King Tvrtko II. However, Hermann predeceased Tvrtko and died in Pressburg (Bratislava).

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Preceded by
Dionizije Marcali
Ban of Slavonia
Succeeded by
Matko Talovac