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Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House
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Based on Characters created 
by John Hughes
Written by Debra Frank
Steve L. Hayes
Directed by Rod Daniel
Starring Mike Weinberg
French Stewart
Missi Pyle
Jason Beghe
Erick Avari
Barbara Babcock
Joanna Going
Clare Carey
Theme music composer Teddy Castellucci
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) French Adens
Running time 89 minutes
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Original channel ABC
Original release November 3, 2002 (2002-11-03)
(Television ABC premiere)
October 29, 2003 (2003-10-29)
(Direct-to-video release)

Home Alone 4 (also known in the United States and Canada as Home Alone: Taking Back the House) is a 2002 American made-for-television Christmas family comedy film directed by Rod Daniel, which first aired on ABC on November 3, 2002.

It is the fourth installment in the Home Alone series. The film brings back several of the main characters from the first two films including Kevin McCallister, but with all of the roles played by different actors and actresses. It is also the only film in the series to be filmed outside the United States. Although set in Chicago, it was actually shot in South Africa. The plot revolves around Kevin McCallister (Mike Weinberg) trying to defend his future stepmother's house from his old nemesis Marv (French Stewart) and his wife Vera (Missi Pyle). Home Alone 4 was heavily panned by critics and fans of the original films.


At the McCallisters' house in Illinois, Peter (Jason Beghe) is about to get divorced from Kate (Clare Carey) and announces that he's living with his new and rich girlfriend Natalie (Joanna Going) at her mansion.

9-year-old Kevin enjoys his time at Natalie's mansion with his new bedroom, latest gadgets and his life. In the next morning, Natalie and Peter go out for a bit while Kevin stays at the mansion with Natalie's butler Mr. Prescott (Erick Avari) and maid Molly (Barbara Babcock). While Prescott makes Kevin a milkshake, he goes into the security room and gets caught by Prescott who gives Kevin another chance. With Natalie and Peter still away, Kevin notices his old nemesis Marv (French Stewart), a remaining member of the Wet/Sticky Bandits and new sidekick and wife Vera (Missi Pyle) outside the house.

Kate, Buzz and Megan are on their way to save Kevin. Marv heads to the bedroom and ends up getting caught and stuck under the bookshelf. Kevin then plays a recording of Marv, making it sound like he's insulting Vera, which causes them to argue. Marv and Vera are then tricked by Kevin with a secret wall switch, end up swinging from a chandelier before falling and being knocked unconscious. Molly escapes from the elevator and grabs Kevin, who is saved by Mr. Prescott, who knocks out Molly using a serving tray before he and Kevin call the police just as Peter, Kate, Buzz and Megan arrive.

The royal family and Natalie arrive at the house and Natalie is confused when she sees Molly getting arrested alongside Marv and Vera. Peter breaks up with Natalie, Mr. Prescott resigns, and the royal family decides to spend Christmas with the McCallisters.


(In credits order)

  • Mike Weinberg as Kevin McCallister: The main character. He defends the house from Marv and Vera. He was originally portrayed by Macaulay Culkin in the first two films.
  • French Stewart as Marv, Vera's husband, Molly's son, and Harry's former sidekick. He was originally portrayed by Daniel Stern in the first two films. Stern, calling this film "an insult, total garbage," refused to reprise his role.
  • Missi Pyle as Vera, Marv's wife who Marv first met in prison.
  • Erick Avari as Mr. Prescott, the butler.
  • Barbara Babcock as Molly, the maid who is the inside person and Marv's mother.
  • Jason Beghe as Peter McCallister, Kevin, Buzz and Megan's father. He was originally portrayed by John Heard in the first two films.
  • Clare Carey as Kate McCallister, Kevin, Buzz and Megan's mother. She was originally portrayed by Catherine O'Hara in the first two films.
  • Joanna Going as Natalie, Peter's girlfriend and Buzz, Megan, and Kevin's future stepmother.
  • Gideon Jacobs as Buzz McCallister, Kevin and Megan's brother. He was originally portrayed by Devin Ratray in the first two films.
  • Chelsea Russo as Megan McCallister, Kevin and Buzz's sister. She was originally portrayed by Hillary Wolf in the first two films.


On March 15, 2012, ABC Family announced that Home Alone 5 was in production, which premiered on that network during the 2012 Christmas season. The film stars Christian Martyn as 10-year-old main character Finn Baxter. The story centers on the family's relocation from California to Maine, where Finn becomes convinced that his new house is haunted. When his parents become stranded across town and is left home alone with his sister Alexis, Finn sets traps to catch his new home's ghosts, but instead prove troublesome for a group of thieves (played by Malcolm McDowell, Debi Mazar and Eddie Steeples). The film also stars Edward Asner, is produced by Fox Television Studios, and is directed by Peter Hewitt.[1]

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