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ABC Television Productions, LLC
ABC Studios
LLC Subsidiary
Industry Television Production
Founded 1985 (1985)
Headquarters Burbank, California, USA
Key people
Paul Lee (President, ABC Entertainment Group)
Patrick Moran (executive vice president)
Parent ABC Entertainment Group
(Disney–ABC Television Group

ABC Studios is the television production division of Disney–ABC Television Group. ABC Studios was established as Touchstone Films Television Division in 1985 and given its current name in 2007.


Touchstone Television[edit]

Logo used from September 24, 2007 to September 22, 2013.

Touchstone Television was started by then new Disney CEO Michael Eisner in the 1984-1985 TV season with the short lived western, The Wildside. The next TV season Touchstone produced a hit with Golden Girls.[1]

Walt Disney Television and Touchstone Television were grouped together under Garth Ancier as president of network television for Walt Disney Studios on April 18, 1989.[2]

In 1992, Touchstone moved into producing longer forms for TV focusing on more adult fare with its first telefilm being for CBS about Edna Buchanan, a Miami Herald crime reporter who would win a Pulitzer Prize.[3]

On August 24, 1994 with Jeffrey Katzenberg's resignation, Richard Frank became head of Walt Disney Television and Telecommunications , a new Disney group taking Touchstone and other TV units out of Disney Studios.[4]

In April 1996 due to ongoing post Disney-CC/ABC merger realignment and retirement of its president, Disney Television and Telecommunications group's divisions were reassigned to other groups with Touchstone Television transferred to The Walt Disney Studios.[5]

In 2000, Touchstone created two department with comedy in September and in December the drama department.[6]

While two of their pilots are in consideration for pick up on ABC in April 2003, Tollin/Robbins Productions has agreed to a two year development deal, included a two year option, profit sharing and outside sales, with Touchstone Television.[7]

ABC Television Studio[edit]

In February 2007, Touchstone Television was renamed ABC Television Studio as part of Disney's push to drop secondary brands like Buena Vista for Disney, ABC and ESPN.[8]

In June 2009, ABC Entertainment announced a new organization, effective immediately.[9][10] In January 2010, Disney–ABC Television Group announced it was cutting 5% of its workforce.[11]

In October 2012, ABC Studios formed its Signature division to sell to outside networks.[12]

List of programs produced by Touchstone Television/ABC Studios[edit]

Currently produced[edit]

Title Year Network Notes
America's Funniest Home Videos 1989–present ABC as ABC Entertainment, co-production with Vin Di Bona Productions
The Amazing Race 2001–present CBS as Touchstone Television until 2007; co-production with CBS Television Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2003–present ABC as Touchstone Television until 2007, co-production with Jackhole Productions
Grey's Anatomy 2005–present ABC as Touchstone Television until 2007
Criminal Minds 2005–present CBS as Touchstone Television until 2007; co-production with CBS Television Studios, formerly Paramount Network Television and CBS Paramount Network Television
Castle 2009-present ABC
Once Upon a Time 2011–present ABC
Scandal 2012-present ABC
Nashville 2012–present ABC co-production with Lionsgate Television
Mistresses 2013-present ABC co-production with Ecosse Films
Devious Maids 2013-present Lifetime
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2013–present ABC co-production with Marvel Television and Mutant Enemy
Black-ish 2014-present ABC
How to Get Away with Murder 2014-present ABC
Galavant 2015-present ABC co-production with Abbey C Studios Ltd.
Agent Carter 2015-present ABC co-production with Marvel Television and F&B Fazekas & Butters
Secrets and Lies 2015-present ABC co-production with Avenue K Productions, Hoodlum Entertainment and Kapital Entertainment
American Crime 2015-present ABC
Daredevil 2015-present Netflix co-production with Marvel Television, DeKnight Prods. and Goddard Textiles

Future productions[edit]

Title Year Network Notes
The Whispers 2015 ABC co-production with Amblin Television
The Astronaut Wives Club 2015 ABC
The Muppets 2015 ABC co-production with The Muppets Studio
Code Black 2015 CBS co-production with Michael Seitzman's Pictures and CBS Television Studios
Quantico 2015 ABC
The Family 2016 ABC co-production with Minnesota Logging Company
A.K.A. Jessica Jones 2015 Netflix co-production with Marvel Television
Luke Cage TBA Netflix co-production with Marvel Television
Iron Fist TBA Netflix co-production with Marvel Television
The Defenders TBA Netflix co-production with Marvel Television
Star Wars live-action TV series TBA ABC co-production with Lucasfilm

Formerly Produced[edit]

Title Year Network Notes
8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter 2002–2005 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-production with Shady Acres Entertainment, Flody Co.
According to Jim 2001–2009 ABC as Touchstone Television until 2007; co-production with Tracy Newman, Jonathan Stark, and Brad Grey
Alias 2001–2006 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-production with Bad Robot Productions
Army Wives 2007–2013 Lifetime as Touchstone Television until 2007
Blossom 1990–1995 NBC as Touchstone Television[13]
Bob Patterson 2001 ABC co-production with Angel Ark Productions and 20th Century Fox Television
Body of Proof 2011–2013 ABC
Brothers & Sisters 2006-2011 ABC as Touchstone Television until 2007
Brotherly Love 1995–1997 NBC/The WB Season 1 produced by Touchstone Television. Season 2 produced by Walt Disney Television
Boy Meets World 1993–2000 ABC as Touchstone Television[13]
Clerks: The Animated Series 2000 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-production with Miramax Television
Clone High 2002–2003 MTV as Touchstone Television; co-produced with Nelvana
Commander in Chief 2005–2006 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-produced with Battle Plan Productions and Steven Bochco Productions
Cougar Town 2009-2015 ABC/TBS co-produced with Doozer
Crumbs 2006 ABC as Touchstone Television[13]
Cane 2007 CBS co-produced with CBS Paramount Network Television
Carol & Company 1990 NBC as Touchstone Television[13]
Carpoolers 2007-2008 ABC co-produced with DreamWorks Television
Cavemen 2007 ABC
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 2011 CBS co-production with CBS Television Studios
Daddio 2000 NBC
Day Break 2006–2008 ABC/TV One as Touchstone Television in 2006
Detroit 1-8-7 2010–2011 ABC
Dirt 2007–2008 FX as Touchstone Television[13]
Dirty Sexy Money 2007-2009 ABC
Desperate Housewives 2004-2012 ABC as Touchstone Television until 2007
Donas de Casa Desesperadas RedeTV! exclusive for Brazil
Eli Stone 2008-2009 ABC
Ellen 1994-1998 ABC as Touchstone Television[13]
Empire 2005 ABC Mini-series
Empty Nest 1988–1995 NBC as Touchstone Television[13]
The Fanelli Boys 1990-1991 NBC as Touchstone Television[13]
Felicity 1998–2002 The WB as Touchstone Television; co-production with Imagine Television
FlashForward 2009-2010 ABC co-production with HBO Entertainment and Phantom Four Films
Gary Unmarried 2008-2010 CBS co-production with CBS Television Studios
The Gates 2010 ABC
GCB 2012 ABC
Ghost Whisperer 2005-2010 CBS as Touchstone Television until 2007; co-production with CBS Television Studios
Gideon's Crossing 2000-2001 ABC
The Golden Girls 1985–1992 NBC as Touchstone Television[13]
The Golden Palace 1992–1993 CBS as Touchstone Television
Happy Endings 2011–2013 ABC with Sony Pictures Television
Hello Ladies 2013 HBO
Herman's Head 1991-1994 Fox as Touchstone Television[13]
Home Improvement 1991–1999 ABC as Touchstone Television[13]
Hope & Faith 2003–2005 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-production with Industry Entertainment
Hull High 1990-1991 NBC as Touchstone Television
Imagine That 2002 NBC as Touchstone Television; co-production with Columbia TriStar Television and Seth Kurland
In Case of Emergency 2007 ABC
In Justice 2006 ABC
Intelligence 2014 CBS co-produced with CBS Television Studios
In the Game 2005 ABC as Touchstone Television
In the Motherhood 2009 ABC co-produced with Cabloom! and Mindshare
Kevin Hill 2004–2005 UPN
The Knights of Prosperity 2007 ABC
Kyle XY 2006-2009 ABC Family as Touchstone Television until 2007
Legend of the Seeker 2008-2010 Syndication co-production with
Less than Perfect 2002–2006 ABC co-production with Nina Wass and Eugene Stein; as Touchstone Television
Life as We Know It 2004–2005 ABC
Life on Mars 2008-2009 ABC co-produced with 20th Century Fox Television
Life with Bonnie 2002–2004 ABC co-produced with Bonnie Hunt's Bob & Alice Productions; as Touchstone Television
Lost 2004-2010 ABC as Touchstone Television until 2007
Lucky 7 2013 ABC with Amblin Television and Rollem Productions
Manhattan Love Story 2014 ABC
Man Up! 2011 ABC
Maybe It's Me 2001–2002 The WB as Touchstone Television; co-production with SamJen Productions and Warner Bros. Television
Maybe This Time 1995-1996 ABC as Touchstone Television;[13] co-produced with Michael Jacobs Productions
Monk 2002–2009 USA as Touchstone Television (final surviving series to carry the Touchstone Television logo) ; co-produced with Mandeville Films and Universal Cable Productions
Miracles 2003 ABC
Missing 2012 ABC
The Muppets' Wizard of Oz 2005 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-produced with Fox Television Studios
My Generation 2010 ABC
My Wife and Kids 2001–2005 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-produced with Wayans Bros. Entertainment and Impact Zone Productions
No Ordinary Family 2010-2011 ABC
Nowhere Man 1995–1996 UPN as Touchstone Television[13]
Nurses 1991–1994 NBC as Touchstone Television[13]
The Nutt House 1989 NBC as Touchstone Television[13]
October Road 2007-2008 ABC
Off the Map 2011 ABC
Once and Again 1999-2002 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-production with Bedford Falls Productions
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 2013-2014 ABC
Perception 2012-2015 TNT
The PJs 1999–2001 Fox/The WB as Touchstone Television; co-production with Imagine Television, Eddie Murphy Productions, and Will Vilton Studios
Playmakers 2003 ESPN as Touchstone Television, produced as/on behalf of ESPN
Popular 1999–2001 The WB as Touchstone Television
Private Practice 2007–2013 ABC
The Protector 2011 Lifetime co-production with Wass-Stein Productions
Reaper 2007–2009 The CW
Red Band Society 2014-2015 Fox co-produced by Amblin Television and Filmax International
Red Widow 2013 ABC
Resurrection 2014–2015 ABC co-production with Plan B Entertainment
Revenge 2011-2015 ABC
Ringer 2011-2012 The CW co-production with CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television
The River 2012 ABC
Rodney 2004–2006 ABC as Touchstone Television
Romy and Michele: In the Beginning 2005 ABC Family as Touchstone Television
Samantha Who? 2007-2009 ABC
Scoundrels 2013 ABC
Scrubs 2001–2010 NBC/ABC as Touchstone Television until 2007; co-production with Doozer
Six Degrees 2006-2007 ABC
Sports Night 1998–2000 ABC as Touchstone Television
State of Georgia 2008 ABC Family
Tilt 2004 ESPN produced as/on behalf of ESPN
The Wayne Brady Show 2001–2002 co-production with Brad Grey and Don Mischer; as Buena Vista Television
Three Moons Over Milford 2006 ABC Family as Touchstone Television
Ugly Betty 2006-2010 ABC as Touchstone Television until 2007; co-produced with Silvio Horta's Silent H Productions, Salma Hayek's Ventanarosa Productions and Ben Silverman's Reveille Productions
Unhappily Ever After 1995–1999 The WB as Touchstone Television[13]
Veritas: The Quest 2003 ABC co-productions with Patrick Massett and John Zinman
Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central) 2002 ABC as Touchstone Television; co-production with The Cloudland Company
What About Brian 2006–2007 ABC as Touchstone Television
Where I Live 1993 ABC as Touchstone Television[13]
Wonderland 2000 ABC as Touchstone Television
Woops! 1992 Fox as Touchstone Television[13]
Zero Hour 2013 ABC


ABC Signature Studios, Inc.[14]
ABC Signature
Industry Filmed entertainment
Founded October 2012 (2012-10)[12]
Key people
Tracy Underwood[12]
Production output
cable show programs[12]
Parent ABC Studios
(ABC Entertainment Group)[12]

ABC Signature Studios, Inc. (alternatively Signature, or ABC Signature) is the boutique production division of ABC Studios designated to sell to outside buyers for emerging and cable platforms with low cost and off-cycle programming. The division will develop year round.[12]


ABC Studios was moving to sell to outside networks. As the studios had placed the former ABC comedy Cougar Town at TBS, Devious Maids at Lifetime, CBS' upcoming mid-season drama Intelligence. Signature was started in October 2012 to continue the trend.[12]

Signature developed Mistresses which was included in ABC's summer schedule and was renewed for another season.[12] Signature was incorporated on September 23, 2013.[14] In October 2013, the division placed its first outside project, Benched, with USA Network with a pilot order which finished shooting by December. Other projects were in the works with A&E, WE tv and TBS. In the works with ABC, Signature has a possible straight-to-series Stephen King story adaptation, Grand Central based on The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates.[12]

Corporate affiliate ABC Family channel pick up Rated P For Parenthood and placed it for development with Signature in June 2014.[15]


Formerly produced[edit]


  • Grand Central, ABC
  • Strega, psychological horror story/soap at A&E with Gotham Group
  • Borne to be Wilde, multicamera sibling comedy at A&E from executive producers Courteney Cox and David Arquette of their Coquette Productions
  • Suburban Shootout remake, WE tv with Kapital Entertainment and Feelgood Fiction
  • Corridors supernatural thriller based on a treatment by Fernley Phillips won by ABC Signature in a multi-studio auction[12]
  • Oil struggling couple drama, ABC Starring Chace Crawford.[16]
  • Rated P For Parenthood modern-day musical parenting comedy, ABC Family, with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Milojo Productions and writer-actress Jamie Denbo[15]


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