Hon-Nakano Station

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Hon-Nakano Station

Hon-Nakano Station (本中野駅) is a passenger-service station of Koizumi Line, which is operated by Tobu Railway company, located in Ōra, Ōra District, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.


The first station was opened as the station of Koizumi Line operated by Chūgen Railway company on March 12, 1917. Koizumi Line was purchased by Tobu Railway company in 1937.

Nearest places[edit]

Shinkouji Temple (神光寺)= Nakanojo Castle trace (中野城跡), Tatara pond (多々良沼)

Preceding and Following stations[edit]

Narushima Station - Hon-Nakano Station - Shinoduka Station


  • Oura-machi town history (local guide)

Coordinates: 36°15′31″N 139°28′11″E / 36.2585°N 139.4697°E / 36.2585; 139.4697