Honeoye Lake

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Honeoye Lake
Honeoye Lake.JPG
Location Ontario County, New York
Group Finger Lakes
Coordinates 42°45′N 77°30.7′W / 42.750°N 77.5117°W / 42.750; -77.5117Coordinates: 42°45′N 77°30.7′W / 42.750°N 77.5117°W / 42.750; -77.5117
Type Ground Moraine
Primary inflows Honeoye Inlet
Primary outflows Honeoye Creek
Catchment area 36.7 sq mi (95 km2)[1]
Basin countries United States
Max. length 4.5 mi (7.2 km)[2]
Max. width 0.8 mi (1.3 km)[2]
Surface area 1,772 acres (717 ha)[1][2]
Average depth 16 ft (4.9 m)[1]
Max. depth 30 ft (9.1 m)[1][2]
Water volume 9,500,000,000 US gal (0.036 km3)[1][2]
Surface elevation 804 ft (245 m)[2]
Settlements Honeoye, Richmond, Canadice
References [1]

Honeoye Lake is one of the Finger Lakes of New York State in the USA. The lake is in Ontario County. Most of the lake is within the town of Richmond but a smaller southwestern part is in the town of Canadice. The hamlet of Honeoye is just north of the lake. Honeoye (/ˈhʌni.ɔɪ/ honey-oy)[3] is a Seneca word translated as "a lying finger," or "where the finger lies."[4]

Honeoye Lake is the second smallest of the Finger Lakes and is located to the west of the major lakes. To its west are other minor Finger Lakes: Canadice Lake, Hemlock Lake, and Conesus Lake.

As with the other Finger Lakes, Honeoye Lake was created by the advance and subsequent melting of continental glaciation.

The surface is about 245 meters above sea level. The lake is long and narrow with a roughly north-south orientation. Its surface area is slightly more than 7 square kilometers. It is also relatively shallow and warmer than the other Finger Lakes. Its outlet is Honeoye Creek, which flows northward. A major feeder stream, called Honeoye Inlet, enters the lake at the south end. Honeoye is 10th in size of the 11 finger lakes [2]

The hamlet of Honeoye in the Town of Richmond is located at its northern end. The Honeoye Lake Park Association administers a large tract of summer cottages and year-round dwellings known as the Times-Union Tract just south of the hamlet on the east side of the lake. This beautiful area offers lake side dwelling, amazing sunsets, a relaxed country setting for both vacationers and residents.

The shore of the lake has a high density of recreation homes, many with docks for boats and other recreation vehicles. In warmer weather, fishing is considered exceptional in Honeoye Lake. Walleye, bass, perch and bluegill are some of the recreational and tournament fish that can be found. The water is clear and clean; ideal for boating, tubing, water skiing, wake boarding, and other water sports. The Ring of Fire tradition is annually celebrated Labor Day weekend by area residents. Flares are lit around the lakeshore to signify summer's end and to recognize the wealth of the Finger Lakes harvest. In the winter, the water freezes quickly and maintains its solid surface throughout the season. It is a prime location for ice fishing, skating, and ice boating.

Businesses on the Lake[edit]

Trident Marina is located on the east side of the lake. It has all the amenities of a typical marina, including gas, boat rentals, docking space, and a boat launch. Trident marine also offers boat sales and service

Public places[edit]

On the north end of the lake is Sandy Bottom Park, which includes a life guarded beach, two playgrounds, and multiple pavilions. There is also a boat launch that is available from May 15 to Labor Day.

There is a State Boat Launch on the east side, towards the south end of the lake, that is open from May to November.


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