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Janusz Kiszka, Great Lithuanian Hetman

Kiszka (plural Kiszkowie) was a noble family (szlachta) and one of the most powerful magnates family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Originating from Masovia, the family used the Dąbrowa Coat of Arms.


In the 15th century the family moved from Masovia to Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It reached magnate status in the 16th century. The family continued for five generations and had 29 members.[1] The family had numerous possessions, most of them in Podlasie, Vilnius Voivodeship, Polesie and Volhynia.

Family tree[edit]

Incomplete family tree is presented below:[1]

Piotr Strumiłło
Stanisław Kiszka
Great Hetman
Died in 1513/14
Piotr Kiszka
Voivode of Polotsk
Died in 1534
Piotr Kiszka
Marshal of Volhynia
Died in 1550
Stanisław Kiszka
Voivode of Vitebsk
Died in 1554
Mikołaj Kiszka
Voivode of Podlaskie
Died in 1588
Jan Kiszka
Elder of Samogitia
Stanisław Kiszka
Died in 1617
Stanisław Kiszka
Bishop of Samogitia
Mikołaj Kiszka
Voivode of Mstislaw
Krzysztof Kiszka
Voivode of Vitebsk
Janusz Kiszka
Great Hetman


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