House of Representatives of South Africa

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House of Representatives
Raad van Verteënwoordigers
Established 1984
Disbanded 1994
Preceded by Coloured Persons' Representative Council
Succeeded by National Assembly
Last election
6 September 1989
Meeting place
Houses of Parliament
Cape Town
Cape Province, South Africa

The House of Representatives of South Africa was an 80 seat body in the Tricameral Parliament of South Africa which existed from 1984-1994. It was reserved for Coloured South Africans. The body was elected twice; in 1984 and 1989.


In 1984, the House was dominated by the Labour Party, which won 76 of the 80 seats.

In 1989, the Labour Party lost support but still maintained a majority of seats with 69. Other parties represented included the Democratic Reform Party, United Democratic Party, Freedom Party and 2 independents. The 1989 house was almost entirely dominated by men, with only 1 female elected.[1]

Election Date Total seats Labour Party Others Indep.
1984 election 22 August 1984 80 76 3 1
1989 election 6 September 1989 80 69 9 2