Howard A. Stephenson

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Howard A. Stephenson
H Stephenson.JPG
Member of the Utah Senate
from the 11th district
Assumed office
Personal details
Born (1950-11-07) November 7, 1950 (age 64)
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Julie
Residence Draper, Utah
Occupation Public Administrator
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Howard A. Stephenson is a Utah politician representing the State's 11th senate district in Salt Lake County including Draper. He was elected to the State Senate in 1992.

Personal Life, Education, and Career[edit]

Stephenson received a B.S. degree in psychology and aerospace studies from Brigham Young University, and a Master of Public Administration, also from Brigham Young University.[1] Since then, he has worked as a taxpayer advocate and in 2014, he served as President of the Utah Taxpayers Association.[2] Stephenson is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).[3]

Political career[edit]

As a Utah State Senator, Stephenson is well-positioned to influence Utah legislation relating to education and to state revenues. As a state Senator, Stephenson has won the following awards:

  • Utah Republican Hispanic Assembly Recognition
  • Utah Council for Exceptional Children Legislator of the Year
  • Utah Association for Gifted Children Community Service Award
  • Coalition for People with Disabilities 1995, 1998, 2001, 2002 “Hero on the Hill” Award
  • Alpine School District Children’s Behavioral Therapy Unit Autism Preschool Recognition
  • Education Leadership Coalition Recognition
  • Utah Valley Autism Preschool Recognition
  • Utah Food Industry Association 2001, 2004 Outstanding Legislative Service Award
  • Utah Farm Bureau Federation Friend of Agriculture Award
  • Utah Information Technology Association Recognition
  • National Federation of Independent Business Guardian of Small Business Award
  • Utah Taxpayers Association Friend of the Taxpayer Award
  • Utah Restaurant Association Legislator of the Year, 2003, 2004
  • Utah Health Insurance Association Legislator of the Year
  • Utah Correctional Industries Award
  • Sandy City Outstanding Elected Official
  • Grassroots Distinguished Service Award
  • Utah Association of Realtors Distinguished Service Award


In 2014, Stephenson served on the following committees:

  • Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee (Senate Chair)
  • Senate Education Committee
  • Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee


2014 Sponsored Legislation[edit]

Bill Number Bill Title Bill Status
S.B. 19 Substitute Appointment and Qualification of Members of the State Tax Commission Governor Signed 4/1/2014
S.B. 34 S003 Statewide Data Alliance and Utah Futures Governor Signed 4/1/2014
S.B. 35 Administrative Rules Reauthorization Governor Signed 3/25/2014
S.B. 65 Sales and Use Tax Exemption Modifications Governor Signed 4/1/2014
S.B. 80 Substitute Statewide Online Education Amendments Senate/signed 3/13/2014
S.B. 93 S002 Internal Audit Amendments Governor Signed 4/2/2014
S.B. 136 Substitute Local Elections Amendments Governor Signed 4/1/2014
S.B. 157 School-based Budgeting Amendments Senate/filed 3/13/2014
S.B. 167 S002 Regulation of Drones Governor Signed 4/1/2014
S.B. 171 Student-centered Learning Pilot Program Senate/filed 3/1/3/2014
S.B. 181 Online Course Reporting Requirements Senate/filed 3/13/2014
S.B. 183 Proficiency Levels of Statewide Assessments 3/13/2014
S.B. 218 Charter School Amendments Governor Signed 4/1/2014
S.B. 256 Asset Forfeiture Amendments Governor Signed 3/27/2014
S.B. 257 Parent Review of Instructional Materials and Curriculum Governor Vetoed 4/2/2014
S.J.R. 18 S002 Utah Broadband Friendly State - Joint Resolution Senate/filed 3/13/2014


In 2014, Senator Stephenson was the Floor Sponsor for the following bills:

  • HB0001S02 Public Education Base Budget Amendments
  • HB0014 Administrative Rulemaking Amendments
  • HB0023 Suicide Prevention Revisions
  • HB0045 In-state Tuition for Military Servicemembers and Veterans
  • HB0093 Property Tax Assessment Amendments
  • HB0138S02 Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Amendments
  • HB0170 Local School Board Bond Amendments
  • HB0213S01 Criminal Penalties for Sexual Contact with a Student
  • HB0249 Grants for Digital Textbooks
  • HB0318S01 Rights of Parents and Children Amendments
  • HB0337 Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments
  • HB0364 Eminent Domain and Public Recreation
  • HB0366S01 Expungement Amendments
  • HB0417 English Language Arts Instructional Tool
  • HB0419 Charter School Revisions
  • HB0423 School District Postemployment Health Insurance Benefit Amendments
  • HB0433 Peace Officer Merit Amendments


Pivotal Bills/ In the News[edit]

Stephenson is a proponent of year-round schools. He believes that moving public schools to a trimester schedule will save money.[5] On his campaign website, he states that he supports "tuition tax credits or vouchers."[6]

He has proposed a bill which would require surety bonds for guest workers, to "ensure that . . . the people who are here have no criminal background, are disease free, and are paying their own cost of policing."[7]


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