IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

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IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey
IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey.jpg
Developer(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Gaijin Entertainment[1]
Nintendo DS
DiP Interactive[1]
PlayStation Portable
SME Dynamic Systems Ltd.[1]
Publisher(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
NA 505 Games

EU 505 Games
CIS 1C Company
Microsoft Windows
INT Gaijin Entertainment

Iceberg Interactive

Composer(s) Jeremy Soule
Series IL-2 Sturmovik
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
Nintendo DS
PlayStation Portable
Release date(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
EU 20090904September 4, 2009

CIS 20090904September 4, 2009
NA 20090908September 8, 2009
Microsoft Windows
INT 20091225December 25, 2009
Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
EU 20090904September 4, 2009
NA 20090910September 10, 2009
CIS 20090918September 18, 2009

Genre(s) Combat flight simulator
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Distribution Optical disc, download, memory stick

IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, or Wings of Prey on the PC, is a combat flight simulator video game. As with previous installments of the PC series IL-2 Sturmovik, it depicts combat aircraft from World War II, although with less focus on realistic simulation than other entries in the series.[2] The game has a campaign mode in which players are able to fly the Allies against the Axis, and also a multiplayer mode in which they are able to select either faction.[3] A demo of the game launched on the PSN and Xbox 360's Xbox Live on 29 July 2009.[4]

Birds of Prey is based around the large-scale aerial combat and ground military operations of World War II. Players can participate in some of the war’s most famous battles, piloting fighters, attack aircraft and heavy bombers across a range of missions. There are six theatres of war to engage in: The Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Berlin, Sicily, Korsun and the Battle of the Bulge, representing the main airborne battles of World War II in Europe.

Birds of Prey has a new damage effects engine. Players can see real-time damage to the aircraft such as holes in the wings and trail lines during dog fights. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey features hundreds of aircraft taking part in air battles. The environmental engine also produces high-detail, realistic landscapes that allow players to easily see ground support actions.[5]

The game was developed by Gaijin Entertainment, who subsequently developed Birds of Steel, also exclusively for consoles. Birds of Steel shares many traits with Birds of Prey (including HUD, aircraft models, controls, and menu design) but differentiates itself by concentrating primarily on US–Japanese aerial battles of the Pacific theater.


Birds of Prey received a favourable reception on consoles. It achieved a Metacritic average of 80% on the Xbox 360, and 81% on the PlayStation 3.[6]

IGN gave it 8.6 and said that the "strength of its play mechanics and attention to detail make it one of the best choices for console-based flight combat".[7] IT Reviews commented that it was "thunderingly atmospheric and visually breathtaking, [but] it has some balancing issues".[8] Eurogamer said that it was a "rousing aerial shooter... [but] sadly rather too easy to complete".[2]


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