I Had a Ghetto Dream

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I Had A Ghetto Dream
Studio album by Fat Pat
Released November 4, 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Southern hip hop
Length 72:53
Label Screwed Up Click Entertainment
Fat Pat chronology
Since The Gray Tapes Vol. 2
I Had A Ghetto Dream

I Had A Ghetto Dream is a posthumous album by southern rapper Fat Pat.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Da Incredible"
  2. "In This Life"
  3. "Screwed For Life" (D.E.A.)
  4. "Gotta Make My Dreams"
  5. "Is There A Better Place"
  6. "Peep N Me" (featuring Lil' Keke & Ronnie Spencer)
  7. "Do You Love The Southside" (featuring E.S.G.)
  8. "I Wanna Be Down"
  9. "M.O.B." (Southside Playaz)
  10. "All The Way To The Top"
  11. "Tops Drop"
  12. "Stackin' Big Paper"
  13. "Do U Like What U See" (featuring Double D & Big Pokey)
  14. "I Miss My Pat""
  15. "Too Hott" (Southside Playaz featuring Ronnie Spencer, C-Note, Big Moe, Lil' O, Al-D, Big Pokey, Will-Lean, Lil' Keke, Big Steve & Big Hawk)