Infraspinatous fossa

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Infraspinatous fossa
Infraspinatous fossa of left scapula01.png
Left scapula. Dorsal surface. Infraspinatous fossa shown in red.
Posterior surface of scapula.jpg
Left scapula. Dorsal surface. Infraspinatous fossa labeled at center.
Latin fossa infraspinata
Gray's p.203
TA A02.4.01.008
FMA FMA:23272
Anatomical terms of bone

The infraspinatous fossa (infraspinatus fossa, infraspinous fossa) of the scapula is much larger than the supraspinatous fossa; toward its vertebral margin a shallow concavity is seen at its upper part; its center presents a prominent convexity, while near the axillary border is a deep groove which runs from the upper toward the lower part.

The medial two-thirds of the fossa give origin to the Infraspinatus; the lateral third is covered by this muscle.

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