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Isabel De Navarre (born June 25, 1956) is a former West German figure skater, a current German figure skating coach and ISU technical specialist.


Isabel de Navarre started to skate at the age of 3 in Bad Tölz. She wanted to compete with her 8-years-older sister, Yvonne de Navarre, who achieved 7th place in the 1969 German Championships. At that time, the ice-rink in Bad Tölz did not have a roof.

Isabel was strongly inspired by figure skaters like Mona and Peter Szabo (Switzerland), Günter Anderl (Austria), Manfred Schnelldorfer, Gudrun Hauss and Walter Häffner (all West Germany) at the summer training camp in Bad Tölz.

Isabel's coach at the “ECT - Eisclub Tölz” was Trude Bacherer from Vienna. In 1970/71 Isabel took her coach's advice to move to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and train with Erich Zeller. Zeller supported her to the end of her amateur career.

From 1972 Isabel de Navarre represented the club “SCR - Sportklub Riessersee”. She became 1975 German Champion in the Ladies competition and in 1976 was 5th at the Olympic Winter Games. She was one of the best skaters at compulsory figures of her time - winning the compulsory figures at the Olympic Winter Games in 1976 in Innsbruck.

Today, Isabel de Navarre is an ISU technical specialist. She is a Diplom-qualified figure skating coach.


Event 1971-72 1972-73 1973-74 1974-75 1975-76
Winter Olympic Games 14th 5th
World Championships 6th 6th
European Championships 11th 8th 5th 4th
German Championships 2nd 2nd 2nd 1st 2nd
Karl Schäfer Memorial 2nd
Prize of Moscow News 2nd
Richmond Trophy 2nd