Isdell River

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Isdell River
Origin Packhorse Range
Mouth Walcott Inlet
Basin countries Australia
Length 206 kilometres (128 mi) [1]
Source elevation 515 metres (1,690 ft) [2]
Mouth elevation sea level
Basin area 5,540 square kilometres (2,139 sq mi) [3]

Isdell River is a river in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, named in 1898 by explorer Frank Hann after James Isdell JP, prominent pastoralist, miner and pearler, and later MP.

The river rises in the Packhorse Range and flows in a south- westerly direction until it reaches Isdell Gorge at the foot of the King Leopold Range where it changes to a north-westerly direction before discharging into the eastern end of Walcott Inlet.

The river has eleven tributaries including; Sprigg River, Woolybutt Creek, Cadjuput Creek, Woomera Creek and Tulmulnga Creek.

The traditional owners are the Wangina Wunggurr Willingin people who maintain a strong connection to the river despite disruptions by pastoral activities.


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Coordinates: 16°33′20″S 124°55′23″E / 16.55556°S 124.92306°E / -16.55556; 124.92306