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J. Dwight Pentecost (born April 24, 1915) is a Christian theologian best known for his book Things to Come.

He currently is Distinguished Professor of Bible Exposition, Emeritus, at Dallas Theological Seminary, one of only two so honored.[1] He holds a B.A. from Hampden-Sydney College, Th.M. and Th.D. degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary. During his academic career he has taught biblical subjects for nearly half a century (Philadelphia College of Bible, 1948-55; Dallas Theological Seminary, 1955-present). His nearly twenty books are written mostly for the general Christian reader.

His pastoral career has continued through this period. [2]

  • Ordained at Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania (Presbyterian Church) in 1941
  • Pastor at the same Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania (Presbyterian Church) from 1941 to 1946
  • Pastor at Devon, Pennsylvania (Saint John's Presbyterian Church) from 1946 to 1951
  • Pastor at Dallas, Texas (Grace Bible Church) from 1958 to 1976

He travels worldwide speaking on his specialist subjects.[3][4]

A Festschrift, Essays in Honor of J. Dwight Pentecost, has been written. Edited by Stanley D. Toussaint and Charles H. Dyer. Published by Moody Press in January 1986, ISBN 0-8024-2381-7


Pentecost is possibly best known for his published writings, which are predominantly focused on issues of Christian living and the eschatological scriptures.

Pentecost takes a Premillennial and Pretribulational view of the unfulfilled prophetic passages of the apocalyptic biblical literature. He takes a Dispensationalist position, however, and his Things to Come (1958) is characterized by a comprehensive review of almost every view on the biblical prophetic subject matter that has any form of prominence. [5]


  • Things to Come, Zondervan, 1958 ISBN 0-310-30890-9
  • Prophecy for Today : God's Purpose and Plan for Our Future, Zondervan, 1961 ISBN 0-929239-11-3
  • Will Man Survive?
  • The Parables of the Kingdom
  • Pattern for Maturity (since retitled Designed to Be Like Him)
  • The Joy of Intimacy with God : A Bible Study Guide to 1 John, Discovery House
  • Faith That Endures : A Practical Commentary on the Book of Hebrews, 2000 rev. ed.
  • The Divine Comforter : The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Kregel, 1963 ISBN 0-8254-3456-4
  • Designed to be Like Him : Understanding God's Plan for Fellowship, Conduct, Conflict, and Maturity, 1966
  • Your Adversary, the Devil, 1969
  • Life’s Problems-God’s Solutions : Answers to 15 of Life's most Perplexing Problems, 1971
  • The Joy of Living : Study of Philippians, Kregel 1973 ISBN 0-310-30871-2
  • Design for Living : Lessons on Holiness from the Sermon on the Mount, Kregel, 1975 ISBN 0-8254-3457-2
  • The Sermon on the Mount : Contemporary Insights for a Christian Lifestyle, Multnomah Press, Portland, 1980
  • The Words and Works of Jesus Christ : A Study of the Life of Christ, Zondervan, 1981 ISBN 0-310-30940-9
  • A Harmony of the Words & Works of Jesus Christ, Zondervan, 1981 ISBN 0-310-30951-4
  • The Parables of Jesus : Lessons in Life from the Master Teacher, 1982
  • Thy Kingdom Come : Tracing God's Kingdom Program and Covenant Promises Throughout History, Kregel, 1995 ISBN 0-8254-3450-5
  • Things Which become Sound Doctrine : Doctrinal Studies of Fourteen Crucial Words of Faith, Kregel, 1996 ISBN 0-8254-3452-1
  • Design for Discipleship : Discovering God's Blueprint for the Christian Life, Kregel, 1996 ISBN 0-8254-3451-3
  • New Wine: A Study of Transition in the Book of Acts.Kregel, 2010 ISBN 0-8254-3597-8


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