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'Jatoi' or Jat (Urdu: جتوئی ‎) is a Baloch tribe located in Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab provinces of Pakistan, originating in Balochistan.

Balochi traditional ballads tells of a leader named Mir Jalal Khan who had four sons, Rind, Lashar, Hot, and Korai, and a daughter Jato, who married his nephew Murad. These five are the eponymous founders of the five great divisions of the tribe, the Rinds, Lasharis, Hooths, Korais, and Jatois.

An author wrote in 2008 that they are "not now an organised tribe, but found wherever Balochis have spread, i.e, in all the District of the South-West Punjab and as far as Jhang, Shahpur and Lahore."[1]

The majority of the Jatois settled in Sindh are in the districts of Shikarpur, Nosheroferoz, Dadu, Larkana, Khairpur Mirs, Sukur, and Jacobabad (Sindh). In Punjab you will find Jatois in Muzzafargarh, Rahimyar Khan,Dera Ghazi Khan. In Balochistan they lie in the areas of Sibi, Kachi and Dadhar. Jatoi was among the sons of father of Baloch Chakar Khan. Jatois brothers are Rindh, Lashar, Korai, Hoth. The main subclans of Jatois are Aterani, Nachrani, Bullo and Misrani.


The tribe mostly speaks Seraiki and Sindhi as their first language, a large number of group speaks Balochi.


The subclans of Jatoi are Shadinja, Aterani, Nachrani, Perozani, Jafrani, Bullani, Lahorzai, Bullo, Misrani, Kharoos, Kosh, Tarrt, Xangayja, Birhamani.[citation needed]


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