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Jim Kaufman
Birth name James Kaufman
Born (1981-06-27) June 27, 1981 (age 33)
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Genres Rock, country, electronic
Occupation(s) Producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, recording artist, mixer, film and TV composer, mastering engineer, recording studio owner
Instruments Piano, guitar, synthesizer
Years active 1994–present
Associated acts Opiate For The Masses, The Black Moods, E.G. Daily, Samuel Markus, Skindred, Me and a Gun, Ryan Sims, Stereo Snakes, Future Thieves
Website jimkaufmanproductions.com

Jim Kaufman is an American born record producer who is also a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, recording artist, mixer, film and television composer, mastering engineer and recording studio owner.

Kaufman began playing piano at the age of 5 and later studied music theory at the New School for the Arts and Academics,[1][2] which was also where he started playing guitar. After a stint in a local Phoenix area band, Projex, he began his professional music career as the guitar player and founding member of the industrial alt metal indie band, Opiate for the Masses.[3][4] In 2003 he took a job as engineer/studio assistant for Charlie Clouser (ex-Nine Inch Nails). With Clouser, Kaufman assisted on Helmet’s 2004 Interscope Records release Size Matters. In addition, he assisted Clouser on scoring the horror film Saw. After working with Clouser, Opiate for the Masses reconvened in Los Angeles to write and record their full length debut for Warcon/American Voodoo entitled The Spore, which also marked the beginning of Kaufman’s career as a producer.

In early 2007, Kaufman composed the score for Josh Eisenstadt’s full length horror film Dark Reel, starring Edward Furlong.[5] While scoring Dark Reel, Kaufman simultaneously produced the first CD of the singer/songwriter Samuel Markus and The Only Ones.

In 2005, Kaufman created American Voodoo Records, which was distributed by EMI. In 2006, he became co-owner of the Nashville-based publishing company, The Song Factory, along with his father, Jim Kaufman, Sr. and Jennifer Johnson.

Currently,[when?] Kaufman owns and operates recording studios in Los Angeles, California, and in Sedona, Arizona.


  • Opiate For The MassesThe Spore (WARCON Universal 2005)
  • The Hypo Twins – It’s Showtime (American Voodoo/EMI 2010)
  • Phantom Communique – The Wolf And the Sheep (American Voodoo/EMI 2010)
  • The Black Moods - Laurel Canyon (American Voodoo 2004)
  • E.G. Daily - The New Collection (2009)
  • The New Affect – Electro Soul (American Voodoo/EMI 2011)
  • Samuel Markus - The Only Ones (2008)
  • Skindred - Taste of Christmas Jungle Bells (Lava Warcon Universal 2005)
  • Funeral For A FriendTaste Of Christmas – this Christmas Eve (Atlantic Warcon Universal 2005)
  • Emery – Taste Of Christmas- The Last Christmas (Tooth and Nail Warcon Universal 2005)
  • Me and a Gun - A Party of One (American Voodoo/EMI 2011)
  • The Black Moods 2011
  • Ryan Sims - 2011
  • Stereo Snakes - 2013
  • Future Thieves - 2013
Engineer technical mixing re-mixing
  • Jake Dean Band - "A Hand For Those" 2011
  • Dark Reel (LIONSGATE 2008)
  • Wong Side of Town (Lionsgate 2010)
  • Commit to the Line (documentary 2008)
  • Hot Wheels Acceleracers DVDs (Mattell Toy company 2005–09)
  • SNAFU (upcoming 2011) Shoreline Films
Assistant to composer
  • Saw (Lionsgate 2004)


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