Johan Paul van Limburg Stirum

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Johan Paul van Limburg-Stirum.

Johan Paul, Count of Limburg-Stirum (Zwolle, 2 February 1873 – Den Haag, 17 April 1948) was a Dutch diplomat, member of the House of Limburg-Stirum, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (1916-1921), Dutch emissary in Berlin (1925-1936) and London (1936-1939).

He made a rapid career as a diplomat of the Netherlands and was, among others, envoy in China and Sweden. Thanks to his knowledge of Asia, the government Cort van der Linden named him in 1916 Gouverneur General of the Dutch East Indies. He worked for a greater autonomy of the Dutch East Indies and for the economic development of the colony. As Governor General he adhered to the Dutch Ethical Policy and conducted administrative reforms, such as the extension of the powers of the parliament (Volksraad) of the Dutch East Indies and decentralisation of the colonial administration.

He worked in good terms with minister Idenburg, but had a difficult relationship with minister Andries Cornelis Dirk de Graeff [clarification needed], who was an old friend from their days at Leiden University. After his departure from the Dutch East Indies he was sent to Egypt.

In 1925 he was sent to Berlin as Dutch emissary for Germany. He was a strong opponent of the nazi regime and refused to meet Hitler or any member of the NSDAP.

From 1936 to his retirement in 1939 he was Dutch emissary in London.