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John Basedow

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John Basedow
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Occupation Fitness celebrity

John Basedow (born in New York City, New York) is a TV health/fitness personality, model, author, news reporter and motivational speaker best known in the United States for his Fitness Made Simple video series.[1]


Basedow got his start as a reporter on a New York nightly news program and then co-created an internationally syndicated TV show called Images. Images was a magazine format half hour television series that dealt with health-related topics. Basedow and his co-host, Paquita McCray, syndicated the program to over 200 U.S. TV stations and 30 foreign countries while Basedow was still in school.

After Images, Basedow, who then described his body as a "bowling pin on legs", set a goal to get in good enough shape to appear in a fitness magazine. After frustration with different exercise routines, fad diets, and overhyped supplements, he sat down and invented his own regimen, which came to be Fitness Made Simple. By following the Fitness Made Simple program, Basedow achieved his goal and has been featured in most every national exercise-related publication. His story was profiled in the Los Angeles Times and the Fitness Made Simple brand currently consists of 9 DVDs, various CDs and a book. Basedow also appeared on Fit Living, a TV program in the Metro New York area, where he offered viewers training tips and meal plans from the Fitness Made Simple program. He now provides exercise and nutrition tips on over 30 TV and radio programs nationwide each month and can be seen frequently as a guest on Fox News Channel.

Basedow is known to be very modest about his status as a fitness celebrity. In an article with the Iowa State Daily, he says:'s so hard to believe - that I'm a popular icon. The New York Times was funny. Not too long ago I was on the front page. It wasn't even a story about me, it was about celebrity poker. The first line of the story said "If you thought the next great television phenomenon after NASCAR, figure skating and fitness personality John Basedow would be celebrity poker, people would have said you were crazy." The fact that they grouped me with those things blew my mind.[2]

Published works

John Basedow - TV Fitness Personality

Basedow is the author of Fitness Made Simple: The Power To Change Your Body & Life, which is published by McGraw-Hill. He is also a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and has led their annual Heart Walk for the past three years. In November 2009, Basedow was invited to join the YouTube Partner Program and now creates motivational videos on his channel.(see External Links) He also produced a weekly show called Figure it out with JB!, which offers inspirational advice, celebrity news, interaction with viewers, fitness tips, and contests on In May 2012,, an Australian company, started broadcasting New Media Stew Live, which is a live show created by Basedow. New Media Stew Live was produced at YouTube NextLab Studios in New York City and began broadcasting as a live show on YouTube in 2013.

News reporter

John Basedow - Host of New Media Stew

In the summer of 2012 Basedow started working as a celebrity and pop culture news correspondent for Zazoom Video, a New York based production company. His Buzz60 video reports can be seen on AOL On, USA Today, Huffington Post, MSN, Hearst, DailyMotion,,, NDN and more news sites. He also does movie reviews and pop culture features on his YouTube show, New Media Stew, and in January 2013 he won a Pop Goes The Culture award. John started hosting Culture Pop, an online series where he takes to the streets getting people's opinions on the hottest pop culture news topics, in August 2013. Culture Pop is seen on DailyMotion, YouTube, Blip.TV, Blinkx and other internet broadcast platforms. The series was nominated for an International Association of Web Television (IAWTV) Award in 2014.


In September 2007, Basedow was signed as a spokesmodel for Chamonix Skincare and is now featured in national advertisements for their new Th-121 product. He is a recurring guest on the popular Sirius XM Radio program Covino & Rich, where he answers listener questions on nutrition, exercise, and motivation topics each month. He also regularly speaks at the NAVEL Wellness Expos, which take place twice a year in New York.

Basedow's FMS Awesome Arms video, which shows how men and women can build lean, defined biceps and triceps, was produced by Knowlera Media. In 2008 and 2009, the American Diabetes Association presented Basedow with an award for his spokesperson work in educating people about the benefits of following a fitness lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and a natural food meal plan, to avoid future illness.

Basedow is featured in the January 2009 issue of The Boulevard Magazine[3] and he appears in the March 2009 "Celebrities Going Green" issue of Dog Aficionado Magazine with his Schipperke, Midnight. He also now does a keynote seminar entitled Success Made Simple with Fran Capo, who is a comedienne, author, and the Guinness Book of World Records' fastest talking female. With Success Made Simple, Basedow and Capo help to educate and empower people to overcome limitations so they can achieve their dreams and live life to the fullest.

In March 2009, Basedow was offered a spokesmodel contract for Energize, a new all natural energy drink, and he appears in their national TV commercials. Basedow is the Fitness Correspondent for a syndicated weekly television series, called Live It Up!, which airs every Friday in the New York market on WLNY-TV 10/55. He also appears on the popular national PBS cooking series, Taste This TV, where he rates various restaurant meals on his Foodie Trifecta 3 P's Scale in terms of how pleasing they are to the palate, pocketbook, and paunch.

Basedow is profiled in the August 2009 issue of Image Magazine and he accepted an offer to be a celebrity contributor for future issues. He is also featured in the Nov-Dec 2009 issue of Exceptional People Magazine.* He currently hosts and produces a popular YouTube show called "New Media Stew Live", which started in August 2010. New Media Stew Live features pop culture and celebrity news, fitness tips, movie reviews. music videos, motivational advice, comedy sketches and current events coverage. Basedow can now be seen in national television commercials and on mall posters for the Take Control Fitness Package, which is designed to address the issue of childhood obesity by providing meal plans and exercise routines for families. He co-produces a line of exercise, nutrition, wellness and motivation videos with Knowlera Media, a Washington DC based company, that started airing on television stations and the internet in 2011.

Death hoax

John Basedow, American bodybuilder

Following the December 2004 tsunami, a falsified press release was circulated claiming that Basedow had been killed.[4]


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