John de Foix, 1st Earl of Kendal

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John de Foix
Born after 1410
Died 1485
Title 1st Earl of Kendal (third creation)
Tenure 1446–1462
Other titles Vicomte de Castillon
Successor Gaston II de Foix, 2me comte de Candale
Spouse(s) Margaret de la Pole
Parents Gaston I de Foix-Grailly
Margaret of Albret

John de Foix (born after 1410 – Castelnau-de-Médoc, 1485) was the Captal de Buch, first Earl of Kendal (Gallicised into "Comte de Candalle"), Viscount of Castillon and Meilles and Count of Benauges.

John de Foix was a Gascon noble in the service of the English. His parents were Gaston I de Foix-Grailly, captal de Buch (1412–1456), and Margaret of Albret, daughter of Arnaud Amanieu, Lord of Albret, and Margaret of Bourbon (1344–1416). In 1446, like his father before him, he became a Knight in the Order of the Garter. He was sent to France under John Talbot by King Henry VI of England to retake Bordeaux, but was taken prisoner during the Battle of Castillon on 17 July 1453.

The French King Charles VII sent John de Foix to Taillebourg Castle where he was held prisoner by Olivier de Coëtivy, Seneschal of Guyenne. John negotiated his ransom directly with Olivier de Coëtivy and was released on 30 January 1460, after promising to pay 23,850 écus.

When King Charles VII died in July 1461, John de Foix still owned Olivier de Coëtivy 18,000 écus, but the new King Louis XI of France, who profoundly hated everybody who had served his father, forced Olivier de Coëtivy to cancel this debt. Jean de Foix now entered in the service of King Louis XI, and because of this was expelled from the Order of the Garter in 1462.

Marriage and children[edit]

John de Foix married Margaret de la Pole, Countess of Kendal. Her father John was the youngest son of Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl of Suffolk, and younger brother of William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk. They had 4 children :

Through his granddaughter Anne of Foix-Candale, John is an ancestor of many European royals.


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