Kaesong Station

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Kaesong Station
Korean name
Hangul 개성역
Revised Romanization Gaeseong-yeok
McCune–Reischauer Kaesŏng-yŏk

Kaesong Station is a passenger railway station located in Kaesŏng, North Korea. It is on the Pyongbu Line, which is regarded as a part of the Gyeongui Line in South Korea.


The first station was built in 1919 as a western-style brick edifice; however, the original station was destroyed in the Korean War. It was then reconstructed in the 1950s. More recently, the station was again rebuilt in 2003, using funds donated by the South Korean government under the Sunshine Policy. The station does not receive regular train service as of 2008.

Coordinates: 37°58′8″N 126°32′29″E / 37.96889°N 126.54139°E / 37.96889; 126.54139