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Charlemagne Visiting a Boys' School (1855)

Karl von Blaas (1815–1894) was the eldest representative of a family of distinguished Austrian painters. He was born at Nauders, Tyrol, and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. In 1837 he received the Roman prize from the Venetian Academy. At Rome he came under the influence of the Nazarenes and devoted himself to religious subjects.

He was named a professor at the Academy of Vienna in 1850. In 1855 he received a prize at the Paris Exposition for his painting "Charlemagne Visiting a Boys' School", and accepted a professorship at the Academy of Venice in the same year. He returned to Vienna in 1866 where he wrote Autobiographie, (Vienna, 1876), which contains information on his sons, Eugene de Blaas and Julius von Blaas. He produced many portraits, religious canvases, and frescoes.


  • "Jacob's Journey through the Desert" (Museum of Venice)
  • "Visitation" (Innsbruck Museum)
  • "Charlemagne Visiting a Boys' School" (Venice Museum)
  • "Tullia Driving over her Father's Body" (1832)
  • "Rape of Venetian Brides in Sixth Century" (1858); Innsbruck Museum)
  • "Ekkehard Carrying the Duchess of Suabia across the Threshold of the Monastery"
  • "Miraculous Translation of Body of Saint Catherine of Alexandria"(Fogg Art Museum,Cambridge,Massachusetts)


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