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Katri Helena

Katri Helena Kalaoja (née Koistinen, born on 17 August 1945, Tohmajärvi) is a Finnish singer who has been performing since the 1960s. She has been married three times (Turunen, Kalaoja, Rajala) and is now living as a single mother.

In terms of commercial success, Katri Helena is one of the most popular singers in Finland. She has sold over 630,000 certified records, which makes her the second-best-selling female soloist in Finland behind Madonna and places her also among the top 20 best-selling music artists in the Finnish market.[1]

Katri Helena has had various hits, including "Puhelinlangat laulaa", "Katson sineen taivaan" and "Syysunelma". She has twice represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest: in 1979 with her song "Katson sineen taivaan" ("I'm Looking at the Blue Sky") and 1993 with her song "Tule luo" ("Come to me"). She also took part in the International Sopot Festival in 1969, singing "Valssi" during the Polish day.

In the search for the 100 Greatest Finns of all time, voted in summer 2004, Katri Helena placed 43rd.

Katri Helena had two daughters and a son with her husband Timo Kalaoja, who died of a heart attack in 1988. His death affected her so much that she withdrew from public view and stopped performing and recording for four years. Her only son, Juha Kalaoja, also died of a heart attack at age 33 on 29 April 2009.[2]



  • Vaalea valloittaja, 1964
  • Puhelinlangat laulaa, 1964
  • Katri Helena, 1966
  • Katupoikien laulu, 1967
  • Paikka auringossa, 1968
  • Ei kauniimpaa, 1969
  • Kai laulaa saan, 1971
  • Lauluja meille kaikille, 1972
  • Kakarakestit, 1973
  • Kun kohdattiin, 1973
  • Paloma Blanca, 1975
  • Lady Love, 1976
  • Ystävä, 1978
  • Katson sineen taivaan, 1979
  • Sydämeni tänne jää, 1980
  • Kotimaa, 1981
  • Minä soitan sulle illalla, 1982
  • Kirje sulle, 1984
  • On elämä laulu, 1986
  • Almaz, 1988
  • Juhlakonsertti, 1989
  • Anna mulle tähtitaivas, 1992
  • Lähemmäksi, 1993
  • Vie minut, 1995
  • Hiljaisuudessa, 1996
  • Missä oot, 1998
  • Leidit levyllä, 2000
  • Tässä tällä hetkellä, 2004
  • Elämänlangat, 2006
  • Hiljaisuudessa, 2006
  • Tulet aina olemaan, 2009
  • Valon maa (2011)
  • Sinivalkoinen (2012)
  • Taivaan tie (2014)


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