Kawasaki YPX

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Role Jet airliner
National origin Japan
Manufacturer Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Status Proposed
Developed from Kawasaki P-1

The Kawasaki YPX is a new airliner proposed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan. The YPX is based on the Kawasaki P-1 aircraft[1] now under development for the JMSDF.[citation needed]

Design and development[edit]

The YPX is to seat between 100-150 passengers, and would thus be competitive with the smaller Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 family jets on short haul routes.[2] The engine choice has not been made. Entry into service is expected to be somewhere around 2015. Kawasaki hopes offer up to 15% cash operating savings over the Boeing 737-700.[3]

According to specifications issued in 2007, the base model YPX-11 would seat 113 passengers in a two-class arrangement. The YPX-10 would seat 93 in two classes while the YPX-12 would accommodate 137, implying about 150 in an all-economy arrangement. Standard range for all three body lengths would be 4,260 km (2,300 nautical miles) but the YPX-10 and YPX-11 would have extended-range sub-variants flying as far as 5,930 km (3,200 nautical miles).

YPX would have a five-abreast economy cabin and an elliptical cross-section - that is, with a smoothly varying radius, rather than the old double-bubble based on two distinct radii. Economy seats would be 46 cm (18 in) wide; the aisle, 51 cm (20 in).


General characteristics

  • Crew: Two pilots
  • Capacity: 100-150 passengers.
  • Length: ()
  • Wingspan: ()
  • Height: ()
  • Loaded weight: kg (lb)


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