Kinpu Shrine (Yoshino)

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This article is about the shrine in Yoshino, Nara. For similarly named shrines, see Kimpu Shrine.
Kimpu Shrine
Konbu Shrine, Yoshino02.JPG
Torii gate in front of the haiden, or prayer hall
Dedicated to Kanayama-hiko-no-kami
Founded Unknown, recorded around 10th century
Address 1651 Yoshino-yama, Yoshino-chō Yoshino-gun, Nara-ken
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Kimpu Shrine (金峯神社 Kinpu-jinja?) is a Shinto shrine located in Yoshino district, Nara Prefecture, Japan. The honden, or main hall, is constructed in the nagare-zukuri style.

In 2004, It was designated as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range.

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Coordinates: 34°20′34″N 135°52′54″E / 34.34278°N 135.88167°E / 34.34278; 135.88167