Kodiak (TV series)

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Genre Drama
Directed by William Witney
Starring Clint Walker
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 4
Location(s) Alaska, USA
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Kodiak Productions
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Original channel ABC
Original run 13 September 1974 – 4 October 1974

Kodiak is a short lived, half-hour adventure program (produced by Warner Bros. TV) that aired Friday evenings at 8:00 p.m Eastern time on ABC during the 1974-1975 television season. The show revolved around the main character of Cal "Kodiak" McKay (played by Clint Walker), an Alaska State Trooper. Kodiak, always accompanied by his Eskimo sidekick Abraham Lincoln Imhook, used his four-wheel drive truck to track down desperate killers through 50,000 miles of Alaska backcountry. The show was broadcast against NBC's mega-hit Sanford and Son. Kodiak was cancelled after the first episode, although a total of four episodes were aired. The show was filmed in Bend, Oregon Using the Old Skyliners Ski Lodge as the primary Meeting Place.


Episode # Episode title Original airdate Plot
1-1 "Red Snow, White Death" September 13, 1974 Kodiak's hunt for a killer is aided by a reluctant witness--an old Eskimo intent on dying ceremoniously in the mountains like his ancestors.
1-2 "Death Chase" September 20, 1974 Following the shooting of a young girl's father, two snowmobiles are pitted against each other in a desperate chase as Kodiak pursues the girl and her boyfriend.
1-3 "A Time to Die" September 27, 1974 A grieving, vengeful father threatens to kill Kodiak to prevent him from bringing his son's murderer to trial and thus carve out his own justice.
1-4 "The Last Enemy" October 4, 1974 Kodiak must stop an old war buddy who believes that he is fighting the same war again.

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