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Koko or KOKO may refer to:

People, animals, and plants[edit]

  • Emperor Kōkō (830–887), 58th emperor of Japan
  • King Koko of Nembe (1853–1898)
  • Koko Taylor (1928–2009), R&B singer
  • Koko Pimentel (born 1964), Philippine politician
  • Koko Stambuk (born 1977), Chilean singer-songwriter and producer
  • Koko (gorilla) (born 1971), ape that underwent training in Gorilla Sign Language (based on American Sign Language) and who befriended a kitten
  • Koko, lead guitarist of the Indian rock band Agnee
  • A local name for the Lebbek Tree, Albizia lebbeck
  • Ko'ko' a local name for the Guam rail
  • Koko (dog), the Australian kelpie dog featured in the 2011 film Red Dog





  • "Ko-Ko", a jazz composition by Duke Ellington
  • "Ko-Ko", a jazz composition by Charlie Parker
  • "Koko", a song by Goldfrapp from their album Supernature

Radio stations[edit]

  • KOKO (AM), a radio station in Missouri (1450 AM) licensed to Warrensburg, Missouri, U.S.
  • KOKO-FM, a radio station (94.3 FM) licensed to Kerman, California, U.S.

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