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Koorong logo

Koorong is a Christian bookstore chain operating across Australia. It is the largest retailer of Christian books and media in Australia.


Koorong is a family-owned company that began over 35 years ago[1] in Marsfield, Sydney, in the garage of the Koorong Street home of Bruce Bootes - a retired veterinarian and Reformed Baptist pastor - and his wife Olive.[2] In 1978, their son, Paul began the management of his family’s bookshop business.[3]

Koorong opened their first Sydney store in Ryedale Road, West Ryde in 1978, moving to larger premises in West Parade, West Ryde in 1995.[4] In August 2005, Koorong took over the three Church Army bookstores at Newcastle, Tamworth and Gosford.[5]

The Blackburn store in Melbourne

Koorong now operates 15 stores across Australia,[6] including Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Fyshwick, Toowoomba and Launceston, with approximately 400 staff, Australia-wide[7] and a brochure mailing list of about 120,000.[8]

Koorong was described in 1994 as theologically conservative in terms of the books it sold, which was consistent with its Reformed Baptist roots.[9] Since that time, Koorong’s product range has expanded[10] to a broader coverage of the diverse sub-groups and movements associated with contemporary evangelical Christianity, including, for example: Church Growth movement, Charismatic Movement, Progressive Christianity, neo-Calvinism, Emerging church, and the Missional Church movement. Denominational streams represented include Reformed/Presbyterian, Baptist, Anglican, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Anabaptist, and Wesleyan.

In addition to a comprehensive range of Bibles, the subject categories and themes of Koorong's product range include: practical guidance on Christian living; popular devotionals; apologetics; academic theology and biblical studies; ministry resources; romance, suspense, and historical fiction; inspirational giftware; classic authors; Bible reference works and commentaries; contemporary worship music.[11] It has been asserted that most of the titles sold at Koorong are by North American authors.[12]

In December 2009 Koorong purchased UK based book publisher Authentic Media and Paternoster Publishers from IBS-STL.[13]


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