Guandu Bridge

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Coordinates: 25°07′32″N 121°27′26″E / 25.12556°N 121.45722°E / 25.12556; 121.45722

Guandu Bridge

The Guandu Bridge (Chinese: 關渡大橋; pinyin: Guāndù Dàqiáo; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Koan To Toa Kio) is a bridge spanning the Tamsui River, Taiwan, which links Bali and Tamsui of New Taipei City with Beitou, Taipei City. The bridge is an 165 meters long through arch bridge designed by Tung-Yen Lin. It now carries the Provincial Highway No. 15. This beautiful bridge was the result of the famous engineering firm T.Y. Lin International.


The bridge was completed on 31 October 1983.

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