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Kumiko Watanabe (渡辺 久美子 Watanabe Kumiko?, born October 7, 1965) is an actress and voice actress from Chiba Prefecture, Japan, affiliated with Arts Vision.

Overview, character and career[edit]

Watanabe has a wide vocal range, ranging from boys and girls to middle-aged women.

She is best known for her roles in Atashin'chi (Mother) and Sgt. Frog (Sergeant Keroro/Keroro Gunso), InuYasha (Shippo) and the Kaze No Klonoa series (Klonoa).

She and Makiko Ohmoto are good friends, as are their characters in the Zoids anime. She is known to be a professional wrestling fan, especially of Pro Wrestling Noah's Kenta Kobashi. She married Kōji Tsujitani, while working on Inuyasha.[1]

Voice roles[edit]

Television animation[edit]


Theater animation[edit]

Video games[edit]

Anime CDs[edit]

Dubbing roles[edit]

  • Battle For (Flame Rod, Flame Belltier, Flame Baton, Flame Harp, Moonbeam Melody Guitar, Flora Rod and Flora Baton)
  • Inanimate Insanity (Flora Harp, Miracle Belltier, Mermaid Scope and Mermaid Sword)
  • Object Mayhem (Love Guitar Rod, Twinkle Flute, Happy Baton and Happy Rod)
  • Object Universe (Happy Harp, Flower Tact, Sunny Rod, Sunny Baton, Sunny Harp, Sunny Sword, Sunny Scope, Dark Tact, Peace Flute, Blossom Tact, Smile March Rod, Smile March Baton, Smile March Harp and Marine Tact)
  • Object Overload (Beauty Arrow, Beauty Rod, Beauty Baton, Beauty Harp, Moon Tact, Pinky Catch, Rose Harp, Symphony Set, Blossom Baton, Curechain, Marine Tact, Kat Claw Bracelet and Justice Globe)
  • Total Drama (Tommy Himi, Bluz, Tomoki Himi, Frred, Gumdramon, Rod and Benikage)
  • Woody Woodpecker (Woody)


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